Football Star “Bijan Robinson Parents”, Meet David And Stephanie!

Bijan Robinson Parents: Bijan Robinson, the rising star of college football and a projected top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, has captured the hearts of fans and coaches alike with his remarkable performances on the field. His success is not only his hard work but also the immense love and support of his grandparents and parents who have always been there for him and supported him in his success.

Bijan Robinson Parents
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Bijan Robinson Parents?

Bijan Robinson owes much of his success to his loving parents, David and Stephanie Robinson. David is also a former football player who has been a part of the NFL for a long time with the New York Giants. His passion for the game has been passed on to his son as well. He’s been a constant presence at Bijan’s games, offering invaluable support and encouragement.

Who Is Stephanie Robinson?

Stephanie is an educated successful woman and she always supported her son in his academic qualifications as she always wanted her to be perfect in both the fields of study as well as in sports and that’s why he is now a successful player as well as a good student and very well know how to balance life.

Bijan Robinson Grandfather: Cleo Robinson

Cleo Robinson, Bijan’s grandfather, is more than just a supportive figure in his life; he’s a father figure. Cleo was also a Pac-12 official and had a three-decade-long career here that gave him the opportunity to work with the top instant replay crew of the league.

He also inspired him with his experience on the field and in the game of football. Cleo’s influence runs deep, and their relationship transcends the typical grandfather-grandson dynamic – it’s closer to that of a father and son.

Bijan’s attachment to Cleo was evident from a young age, as he preferred to stay with his grandparents even when given the option to live with his mom, stepfather, and their children. Football became a bonding point,

With Bijan attended many of Cleo’s officiated games and developed a passion for the sport. He idolized players like Reggie Bush, wearing his No. 5 at Texas, and demonstrated early signs of his exceptional vision on the field.

Bijan Robinson: GrandMother

Bijan’s grandmother, Terri, recalls how he displayed remarkable vision in his approach to the game. From a young age, he had that brilliance in understanding the game and the field and he was always aware of what he was doing and where he’ll reach. This exceptional skill would later set him apart as a running back at Texas, where he consistently ran north-south, rarely getting tackled for a loss.


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