Why Is Donald Trump Skipping The Third GOP Debate (2023): A Closer Look at His Controversial Choices

Former President Donald Trump’s approach to the Republican presidential debates has been a subject of controversy and debate itself. With a commanding lead in national polls and a reputation for diminishing the importance of these events, Trump’s absence from certain debates has sparked both praise and criticism. 

Why Is Donald Trump Skipping The Third GOP Debate?
Image Source: CNBC

Why Is Donald Trump Skipping The Third GOP Debate?

Donald Trump‘s decision to skip the first Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee was a sign of things to come. He used the recording of his previous interview with Tucker Carlson in place of taking the stage with the other fellow contenders. This move set a precedent for his approach to these events, one that many found unconventional.

According to Former Vice President Mike Pence, it was a “missed opportunity” for both voters and Trump himself because of him not joining the stage. While Trump’s high polling numbers may support his decision, critics argue that participating in debates is essential to demonstrate one’s suitability for the presidency.

The Rationale Behind The Choices

Trump’s rationale for skipping debates has been consistent – he doesn’t want to engage with lower-polling candidates. He has repeatedly expressed his disdain for being on stage with individuals who, in his view, “shouldn’t even be running for president.” This perspective reflects his confidence in his substantial lead over his GOP rivals.

Why Is Donald Trump Skipping The Third GOP Debate?
Image Source: CNN

Trump’s dominance in national polls cannot be denied. With a staggering 55.3% support nationally, he maintains a more than 40-point lead over the second-ranked candidate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This level of support has bolstered his belief that he can afford to skip certain debates without consequence.

Shifting Debate Locations

The upcoming third Republican presidential debate was initially scheduled for Alabama but has been relocated to Miami. It’s worth noting that Trump’s campaign was not involved in this decision. This change in location may have implications for the dynamics of the debate, as both Trump and DeSantis call Florida their home state.

Trump has drawn comparisons to former President Ronald Reagan, who famously opted out of one of his debates with then-President Jimmy Carter before winning the 1980 presidential election. Trump’s supporters have pointed to this precedent as evidence that skipping debates can be a successful strategy.

Critics And Supporters

Opinions on Trump’s debate strategy are sharply divided. According to the critics, because of his absence, the democratic process was disturbed

And the chances of voters getting to know each representative also decrease. There are many supporters also who took the side of Trump as he has a strong poll numbers and it completely justifies his approach.


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