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Who Is Reena Roy’s Daughter Sanam Khan? Age, Marriage, Husband, Instagram & More!

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Reena Roy’s Daughter Sanam Khan: The former starlet Reena Roy’s daughter, Sanam Khan, was born. Mohsin Khan, a Pakistani cricket player, and Reena Roy, a well-known Hindi actor, wed in 1983. Jannat, their child, was born. Reena and Mohsin divorced a short time after. Reena reportedly found it difficult to adapt to Mohsin’s plans to start a family in England, and as a result, the two became estranged. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Reena Roy's Daughter Sanam Khan?

Who Is Reena Roy’s Daughter Sanam Khan?

They eventually split up, and Reena Roy wed Pakistani player Mohsin Khan, with the help of a daughter called Sanam Khan. At the moment, a photo of Sanam Khan is spreading rapidly on social networking sites. Sanam Khan, the daughter of Reena Roy, is just as beautiful as her mother, as is evident.

Reena Roy Daughter

Her father was responsible for watching for Jannat. In order to obtain custody of her daughter when Mohsin divorced Reena and was remarried twice, the actress made a custody suit. Reena and her parents call her Sanam, despite the fact that Mohsin gave her the name Jannat.

Reena Roy’s Daughter Sanam Khan: Wikipedia

Like her mother, Sanam was believed to like going to the movies. It was announced that she would star alongside Tiger Shroff in the Karan Johar-produced Student Of The Year sequels. Yet she didn’t make her breakthrough. Popular in the 1970s and 1980s was actress Reena Roy.

Reena Roy: Movies

By participating in many Hut films, Reena Roy demonstrated her acting chops. Reena Roy talked less about her career and a greater portion of her private life. Shatrughan Sinha, a Bollywood actor, and Reena Roy’s names had previously been linked. In 16 films, of those which 9 were successes, the two had collaborated.

Reena Roy’s Daughter Sanam Khan Pictures

Sanam is shown wearing a white blouse and a braided ponytail in the image. Others have begun to respond in their own ways towards this photo of Sanam since it first appeared online. “Where were you the charmer,” a social media user wrote in a comment on the image. “Mother is more gorgeous,” another person wrote.

Many big-budget movies featured Reena Roy. Naagin, Jaise Ko Taisa, Zakhmi, and Kalicharan are just a few of his blockbuster movies. Reena Roy was one of the era’s highest-earning performers by 1976. more updates about the actress will be given on the website stay tuned to know more about Sanam Khan and her lifestyle.


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