Who Is Kayaker Matthew Gorne Shark Encounter Video While Fishing Went Viral On Social Media!

Welcome back everyone a very fascinating video is currently trending on the Internet that was shared by none other than famous South Australian kayaker Matthew Gorne. In the video, we can see that there was a great white shark when she was fishing these creatures take many lives in a year and many movies have already been made on these creatures as it was a life-threatening moment. He currently has 1500 followers on Twitter at the counter at he is the ambassador of a Maritime Institution. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Kayaker Matthew Gorne Shark Encounter Video While Fishing

Kayaker Matthew Gorne Shark Encounter Video

and the complete footage was captured by a GoPro camera. He was enjoying his Sunday fishing and the line was about 10 km outside the court the great white shark was trying to take a b octopus paddle and it was a scary moment. It was a very dangerous side for him and he could not believe it in his eyesight ad he had been travelling to various areas with his dog and he completely enjoy his life while travelling and the Shark was about 3-4 M long and he could have easily ripped him apart.

Kayaker Matthew Gorne Shark Encounter Video While Fishing

but he was fortunately saved and you should be grateful that nothing happened. He was recording the video and it was a clear sunny day and the water was silent and he was able to see everything because it was really clear at first glance the Shark was roaming around his boat and it was doing nothing but a when it captured the Waves coming from the paddle it got attracted and try to attack the tidal he was using. Great white Sharks are very sensitive to sound and vibrations and generally act upon this kind of stimulant.

What Happened With Kayaker Matthew Gorne While Fishing?

And that’s how they captured their day and they exhibit many behaviours his head above the surface of the water is a visually different thing and you will not observe it. They can be found in coastal surface water and they have a notable size and weight can be around 1900 kg they have been estimated to live more than 70 years they are Apex Predator and it is at the top of the Food Chain and they are one of the world largest fish and they are found in year Australia in a large quantity.

And they are not generally programmed and they are peaceful though many fishermen captured them for their organs. We will be back with some more updates until then stay tuned to our website. They are an interesting subject of study and whole subjects are in Biology on them because they have been on Earth for millions of years and they have changed drastically because thousands of years ago they were more ferocious and dangerous


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