Who Is Joseph Smedley? A Cellphone Records Used To Trace IU Students’ Last Location!

A student from the Indian University went missing later in the month of September 2022 and until now there is no trace of him being found. Police this week earlier traced out a call record in which they found the last whereabouts of the student from Indiana State University. There is an update about the student’s whereabouts or about his known previous location. The student who went missing days ago is not found and the investigations are still ongoing. Police also have released the whereabouts and also the appearance of the student so as to get any assistance from the public. Let us learn more in detail about this case. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Joseph Smedley Went Missing In September 2022

Who Is Joseph Smedley?

Police are still searching for the Indiana University student who was recognized as Joseph Smedley aged 20 years. As per the reports Joseph went missing on the 28th of September 2022 and he was nowhere o be found. Police went through the areas very thoroughly and they have also been investigating the campus and the outstays of the student as well but so far they found no clue of his whereabouts. Now, the police have traced the student’s call records and found out about the last known location of the student. Joseph’s phone was last active on the day he disappeared and the call records have been traced leading to his location near Old Ind 37 just north of Bloomington.

Joseph Smedley Went Missing In September 2022

Police have said that the student was the last active near Bloomington around 6: 30 am and after that his mobile was unable to be traced down. Indiana University officials have also claimed that the student was enrolled in plans to study biochemistry but he did not attend any classes this fall which also made the teachers and the officials concerned for him. Although the police have not said anything related to the disappearance or related to foul play, they have searched the whole campus, the call recordings, the car, the residence, computers, and his phone records a swell. Family members who are concerned about his well-being said that Joseph was planning to leave the country.

A Cellphone Records Used To Trace Joseph Smedley Last Location

The last time his family heard from him was on the day of the disappearance as he pinged off his family members one day. It was revealed that inmates and the student and staff of the University are helping and are cooperating fully as well with the investigations. OU Police and other law enforcement are also enrolled in this work. The IU police have used scent-tracking dogs, used the putnamville corrections facility as well in the area around where the student was seen last time, and despite all of these have found no clue of the student. The family members are highly concerned for Joseph’s well-being.

Speaking about the general appearance of Joseph it was mentioned by various students and also the police websites. Joseph is described as a person who is a black man who stands 6 feet tall. He weighs between 155 to 160 pounds and was last seen around 11: 30 pm in Bloomington and the last text to his family member was around 4 am on Monday. The last outfit that he was seen on recognizably was not mentioned by the police but they have updated Joseph’s picture online on various social media handles of the IU police and also on the websites of the IU as well to find any sort of help from the public or to seek assistance.


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