Who Is Everett Freeman? A Missing 9- Year- Old Found Dead, Family, Parents, Funeral & Obituary!

Ontario police released a statement earlier that they are looking for a child who went missing all of a sudden. When the Ontario Province police were informed that the child went missing they instantly generated an alert about the missing person and said that the child is searched by the police and any information about the child if obtained should be given to the police by either calling 911 or reporting it to the local police station. While there are many missing cases occurring in Canada on a daily basis, this case has gained much attention because the child was found in a tragic ending and the life of the child was lost. Let us discuss in detail what actually happened. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Everett Freeman Went Missing Found Dead

Everett Freeman Went Missing Found Dead

Earlier when the Ontario Police province released the statement about the child going missing, the parents were concerned about their child, and even after searching for the child around, they did not find him anywhere. They then reported him missing at the police station and after the police released the missing person details. It was been reported that the child who went missing was 9 years old Everett Freeman who went missing on Friday and was reported missing on the 13th of August one day after the child went missing on the 12th of August 2022, Friday. When police gave out the information about Everett they asked the civilians to report if they find the child.

Who Is Everett Freeman?

Everett freeman was a 9 years old child and when he was seen last time the child was wearing a bright yellow-green t-shirt and he was wearing swim shorts as well. He was last seen with his family in Totem Pole bay on Huckleberry Island while they were camping on the waters of Georgian Bay. He was last seen around 3 m on Friday, 12th of August 2022. Everett was described as a Caucasian boy standing 4 feet tall and he weighs around 50 lbs. He had short hair and brown eyes. As per the information given by the police, they revealed that the boy was last seen with his family and they were the ones reporting him missing. The boy was asked to be reported to the police if found.

Everett Freeman: Wikipedia & Bio

Lastly, the boy was found dead by the Ontario provincial police and they said that the investigation of the search of Everett has ended as the boy was found dead. Although the police have revealed that they found the boy dead and the investigation s have ended they did not reveal where and when the body was found. Although it was revealed that there was no foul play involved in this case. OPP, OPP emergency responses, Marine unit, Canine units(three), OPP Underwater search team, McDougall Township carling fire departments, Canadian coast guard, and joint rescue coordination were all involved in the search of Everett, but it ended sadly with Everett being found dead.


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