What Was Nafis Sadik Cause Of Death? Women’s Health, Rights Champion, Dead At 92, Family, Funeral & Obituary!

Nafis Sadik, a pioneer, Pakistani physician, and doctor who championed women’s rights and health rights and spread the breakthrough rights of 1994 across 179 countries dies at the of 92. Her son announced her death through media and said that he was surrounded by her loved ones at the time of her death. Nafisa was a fighter for women’s rights and was a part of the UNO as well. She worked hard for the rights and health care of women and spread her words throughout the world. Lately, he was absent from the NY diplomatic community and it was been revealed that’s eh was ill for a while. Let us know more in detail about Nafisa and the cause behind her death as well. Naifs were born in 1929 and she passed away three days ahead of her 93rd birthday. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Nafis Sadik Death Reason

Who Was Nafis Sadik?

She was the UN secretary General Adviser and she was also responsible for Special Envoy for HIV and Aids. She spread awareness and looked after the rights and healthcare of women and the spread of HU and AIDS in Asia. She was earlier the executive director of UNFPA(United Nations populations fund) from 1987 to 2000. Nafis looked after the rights and healthcare of women and also spread awareness as well. After working for years for human rights, Nafis took her retirement from her job back in 2000 and worked additionally for human rights from her side as well. Nafis was born in British India se inited her career by studying Medicine at Dow Medical College in Karachi. Her father was a former finance minister, Muhammad Shoaib. Nafis was the director general of the Pakistan Central Family planning council ad later she had her further education at John Hopkins University.

Nafis Sadik Death Reason

She also has her internship as a gynae and obstetrics at City hospital in Baltimore. Nafis was a fighter for women’s rights and health as well, she spoke about the importance of addressing the needs of women and the involvement of women in making and carrying out development policy. She worked for providing women with education and tools to control their fertility and the importance of women’s health as well. It was revealed by the son of Nafis that she passed away as a result of natural causes and she was at her house surrounded by her loved ones when passed away. Her son revealed on Monday the 15th of August that Nafis passed away on Sunday night in New York. It was four days before she was about to turn 93. She initiated her career in 1971 by becoming the assistant executive director in the UN in 1977 and later was appointed as the executive director in 1987.

Nafis Sadik: Wikipedia & Bio

She became the first woman to head a voluntary fund at United Nations Program. Nafis’s thought that women hold the right to become a mother or not by their own choice became very popular and she fought for that right. The executive director of the United Nations Population Fund Dr Natalia spoke about Nfafis’s death and said that she is heartbroken to hear about the demise of Nafis. Natalia praised Nafis and said that she was a fierce champion f women’s health, rights, and empowerment. Dr. maleeha Lodhi, a fervent supporter of women’s rights expressed her concerns about Nafis’s passing. As said by the close sources to Nafis, her funeral is arranged but details are not out as of now.


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