What Was Heritage Ajibola Cause Of Death? Linguistics and African Languages Student Dead At 20, Funeral Obituary News!

What Was Heritage Ajibola Cause Of Death? Linguistics and African Languages Student Dead At 20, Funeral Obituary News: Another tragic loss for an OAQ student who met her untimely death. A student studying in the Department of Linguistics and African Languages at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). Heritage Ajibola was the student who was the victim of this incident. Ile-Ife was reported to have died when she accidentally fell into an open septic tank in her hostel backyard. Heritage Ajibola was a resident at BVER hostel which is located in the Student Village where she had a private room. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for more updates!!!!!!

Heritage Ajibola Death Reason

Heritage Ajibola Death Reason

Her hostel friends told the officials that she accidentally fell into a soakaway and got stuck while spreading her clothes on the line. They also told the officials that, they tried to help her but she had fallen pretty deep in the hole which made it difficult for them the help her any further. According to public statements, it took more than one hour before the ‘Osun State Fire Service’ and the ‘safety and maintenance team’ arrived at the scene.

Heritage Ajibola Funeral Obituary News

The rescue was further delayed by thirty minutes before they could initiate the rescue procedures for the student. On further investigation, it was reported that the surface collapsed because the termites had eaten the upper cover of the septic tank. As soon as the student was removed from the hole, she was rushed to the OAU Teaching Hospital for treatment and a checkup where she was notified dead.

The OAU spokesperson released an official statement expressing their gratitude and sympathy about the incident that took place at the university hostel. The college officials promised to look into the circumstances which led to such a tragic event. OAU student union leadership called this event an,” unavoidable and unfortunate incident.” The student union further stated that Heritage Ajibola would have survived

Heritage Ajibola Wikipedia Biography Age

if it was not for the delay caused by the rescue officials. Even after they pay very high university fees, the union blamed the university for the poor state of the hostel and college grounds. The union demanded immediate justice for the deceased student and asked the university to take responsible steps so that nothing like this happens again. Previously occurred similar incident with a student, Aishat triggered a strike and protest on the college grounds.


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