What Was Daria Dugina Cause Of Death? Daughter Of Putin Ally Alexander Dugin Killed In Car Explosion, Funeral & Obituary!

As per a recent report, very shocking news is coming up from straight away Moscow Russia this is news regarding Daria Dugina who is the daughter of Alexsander Dugin who is also the well-known personality and President of Vladimir Putin and it is said to be a collision and death news where a car explosion happened in Moscow so if we talk about the whole incident so it was a very tragic and a painful incident when the car was completely in the fire. Dariya has passed away in this particular car explosion and this new scheme is up on Saturday night and her complete family members are devastated. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Daughter Of Putin Ally Alexander Dugin Killed In Car Explosion

Daria Dugina Death Reason

So as per the reports, this particular explosion was to be a target so that they can kill his daughter in this incident There are several images and videos that are floating on the social media platform regarding this particular accident and people are reacting and sharing it rapidly however the investigation is still going on because of this incident happened in Moscow. So as per the reports and information, we have received so she was returning back her home and she went to attend a big Music Festival and returning home she was a part of this car explosion.

Daughter Of Putin Ally Alexander Dugin Killed In Car Explosion

The whole family is in pain and they are not able to describe what they are going through talking about the explosion cause so it has not been revealed by the investigators or the authorities but according to them, the incident was to target his father because as per his father’s he stated that he was the one who was a part of this exploded car but unfortunately his daughter become the part of this incident he was following his daughter throughout right behind her when this particular car explosion took place the whole vehicle got damage and she died on the spot. At this moment we would like to offer the whole family privacy so that they can take the time up and face the bad days ahead.

Daughter Of Putin Ally Alexander Dugin Daria Dugina: Funeral & Obituary

When her passing news came up everyone started paying her a tribute on the social media platform the whole car was blown up she was also the part of British Sansections list from the fourth of July and she was better known for speaking and the personality where she used to support Russia in the war against Ukraine. However, the whole incident is under survive lens of the investigators talking about her age so she was 30 years old and she was a very hard working and dedicated girl who was grown up by looking at his father who is a well-known person she has an interest in philosophy and journalism also.


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