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What Unusual Hobbies do the World’s Famous Footballers Have?

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Do soccer players have unusual hobbies? Or do they just spend time with their family after the matches? You can find the answer to this question in this article. Ten soccer players are examined. A partial list of hobbies is available on Wikipedia. For the convenience of readers, the names are gathered in alphabetical order. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

What Unusual Hobbies do the World's Famous Footballers Have?

10 Famous Football Players With Unusual Hobbies

The Names and Surnames of the Top 10 Football Players

What unusual hobbies do soccer players have? The names and surnames of the sportsmen in the top ten are listed in the table. 

  • Petr Čech
  • Andrey Arshavin 
  • Daniel Agger
  • Matt Oakley
  • Joe Allen
  • Michael Owen
  • Nolberto Solano
  • Manuel Almunia
  • Jozy Altidore
  • Wayne Bridge

Should visiting a casino be considered an unusual hobby? Celebrities have access to land-based halls, where the size of the bet is chosen according to their own financial capabilities. The page of Slots of Vegas slots contains offers for all interested persons. One of the advantages of testing slots is the opportunity to feel the atmosphere that reigns in a live casino. Visitors to virtual halls compete with other players. 

Do extreme sports count as an unusual hobby? Players rarely use such an addition to their main career. Now we can talk about the hobbies of soccer players. We will talk about each sportsman in order. 

Petr Čech 

The legendary goalkeeper Petr Čech plays drums in his spare time. He learned it thanks to the PlayStation. Before that:

  • he hadn’t taken lessons from advanced musicians;
  • he did not play any instruments;
  • he learned to hold a rhythm only thanks to the console. 

Music became the main entertainment of the soccer player, who collaborates with the band “Queen”. One of the compositions created is “That’s Football”. The sportsman spent the proceeds from it on charity. He believes that when creating a melody, a person begins to perceive it in a new way. 

At first, the sportsman played just for fun. In 2014, he opened his own YouTube channel. Here he soon began to publish musical hits. The goalkeeper records some of the videos to listen to himself from the sidelines.  

Andrey Arshavin  

The player Andrey Arshavin studied fashion design during his university studies. He knows the fashion theme firsthand. Soccer has become a job. His own clothing brand is both a hobby and a business. The company name coincides with the player’s surname – Arshavin. It produces:

  • men’s handbags;
  • badges;
  • caps;
  • t-shirts.  

The images of the footballer in the form of a black and white silhouette are put on their surface. Andrey Arshavin’s mother became a confidante. 

Daniel Agger

The passion of Daniel Agger playing for Liverpool is tattoos. They are clearly visible even when the footballer is wearing a T-shirt and shorts. There are unusual drawings on the arms, back, and neck. There are also philosophical inscriptions. The footballer also works as a tattoo artist, decorating the bodies of others. 

Matt Oakley

Matt Oakley can be called a naturalist. His unusual hobby is collecting a set of South American red-bellied piranhas. He showed the fish to the general public in 2001. According to a personal confession, the player always wanted to own something unique. 

Joe Allen

The footballer from Wales rescues chickens that are winding down commercially (stop laying eggs and hatching chicks). His wife Lacey helps him. The soccer player also helps people with hearing loss. He does this because of his brother Harry, who went deaf as a child. Another unusual activity is a photo model. So, the image of the soccer player appeared on the cover of Chicken & Egg magazine. 

Michael Owen

The English footballer Michael Owen played in the position of a forward. He said that he liked solving puzzles. He considers them a challenge for himself. He once published an image of a set of puzzles. It consisted of 1,000 pieces from which you had to assemble a picture about the life of horses. 

Nolberto Solano

The Peruvian midfielder Nolberto Solano stands out among soccer players for his love of music and dance. He has been playing the trumpet since his youth. He even took the musical instrument with him to soccer matches. Nolberto played to cheer up the other members of the team.

Manuel Almunia

Manuel Almunia’s unusual hobby is a passion for history. He is especially interested in the period of the Second World War. He travels around Europe in his spare time from matches. He visits places where important events took place. He also:

  • reads books about the war;
  • watches historical films;
  • communicates with survivors of the war. 

Experts believe that the soccer player is still a child. He became a children’s storyteller, not for the sake of business and earnings. The player enjoys bringing joy to children. 

Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore is an American journalist who misses being involved in real matches. In his spare time, he plays FIFA. He joined such a pastime on January 16, 2015. His contract ends in 2022. The strongman possesses assertiveness and punching power. His other positive character traits include quick acceleration. 

Wayne Bridge

There are few fans of the series among famous soccer players. The exception is Wayne Bridge. He not only spends his free time watching Star Wars, including in the morning (right after waking up). He keeps items at home that are associated with the famous epic. For example, computer games of the same name. They are launched at any time of the day.

Conclusion on the Prevalence of Unusual Hobbies  

Do famous people have unusual hobbies? World-famous soccer players may also play FIFA, watch TV series, sing, record music, and work in a dance school. Through this, sportsmen express themselves. Each of them experiences something new. 

You can read about little-known hobbies on CNN news. It’s available on CNN. For example, popular games in Afghanistan include bukashi. Another unusual sport was musical whistling. It will require the dexterity of the lips, as well as familiarity with a special breathing technique.


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