What Is Sherri Kramer’s Age Now? Net Worth, Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Career, Bob Saget’s Ex-Wife! 

Sherri Kramer’s age was 66 she was born on 8th august 1956. She was born in the United States of America. She practices Christianity. Sherri Kramer gained fame over the years for being the ex-wife of the very famous American actor Bob Saget. Bob Saget was also a comedian. Bob Saget suddenly passed away in his youth. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Sherri Kramer?

Who Is Sherri Kramer?

But Bob Saget’s wife, Sherri Kramer was a very good author and she has also done many works of screenwriting. She has made sure her work is published on many platforms. so what is the relationship between Bob Saget and Sherri Kramer. More details about the matter will be discussed below. Bob and Sherri Kramer were married to each other for more than 15 years. She eventually divorced him.

Sherri Kramer: Age, Biography & Wikipedia

So the information about Sherri Kramer will be covered in the article. We are sure that people are very curious about the personality we will let you know more about it in the article. Sherri Kramer was born on 8th august 2022. She was born in America and follows Christianity. She studies at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She was married to the popular comedian Bob Saget.

Sherri Kramer: Career, Relationship & Children’s

Sherri Kramer married Bob Saget on 16th May 1982. They got divorced on 10th November 1997. The couple has three kids in total. Sherri Kramer is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She is 163 cm tall. The schools that Sherri Kramer attended have not been told to us. Sherri Kramer is a certified lawyer. The couple filed for divorce after 15 years of their wedding. The complete details of the divorcee is not been

Sherri Kramer: Net Worth & Husband

Disclosed to the public. In the life of Bob, Bob re-married the journalist Kelly Rizzo. They were married until 2018. Until Bob died suddenly on 9th January 2022. Sherri Kramer’s relationship is currently unknown to us. The couple loved their children and have spoken very well about their children. They said they were very lovely children and well-behaved. They said the children were the best thing that happened to them.

Bob Saget’s Ex-Wife: Instagram & Family

They had twins whose names are Aubrey and La Maine Saget. They both were born on 15th February 1987. Sherri Kramer has been a screenwriter for the longest time she has written scripts for many well-known tv shows like How I met your mother and Fuller House. She also has a lot of philanthropic work. She has a net worth of over 1 million. After Bob Saget died Sherri Kramer was in the show and expressed her disbelief in the matter due to the sudden death.


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