WATCH: Saskatoon Nightclub Video Showing Death Went Viral On Social Media!

Hello, readers welcome back to our article. This article is going to be very informative as we are here to give you a brief description of a video which is being shared a number of times now everyone is curious to know about the whole incident that has taken place so in the particular video which is getting a lot of attention these days and grabbing controversies in which we can see that death in Saskatoon night club having the illustrate Dark Side of the Social Media so you are at a right place because we will make sure to give you every single information regarding this video. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Saskatoon Nightclub Viral Video Showing Death

Saskatoon Nightclub Viral Video

It is quite shocking content which is being shared on the social media platform also it is coming up with a warning that this particular story or video can contain details that can be disturbed some of the users out there so it is a graphic video of the final moment regarding the Hodan Hashi which is said to be the young life and it started spreading on the social media platform after few minutes at reached to several likes and comments where we can see that 23 year old was bleeding to death.

What Happened In Saskatoon Nightclub?

So this particular video was shot at the late night club and it is said to be a Dark Side of The Social Media platform in which we can see this particular content sharing wildly. Talking about half a minute into the video which was appearing on the social media platform like Facebook and Instagram where we can see that 22-year-old Paige Theriault fisher a well-known Wrestling was being laid on the dance floor and no she started kicking and punching on the face of Hashi.

Saskatoon Nightclub Viral Video Showing Death

It was a very horrifying moment however the women were separated and people were gathered together however now police have been involved in this case and they have been mentioning that they also don’t know about the matter that what the main reason triggering the altercation however both of them over-involved in this fight new everything very well. Theriault Fisher is now being charged and taken to custody with slaughter.

Now she is facing a lot of problems and apart from this she is also being charged with second-degree murder right now she is in custody and now talking about her return so it is being scheduled for Thursday which is said to be her whale hearing number of videos has still floated on the social media platform regarding this particular incident and is being shared almost to everyone instantly by people who were recording all the scenes at this night club.


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