WATCH: Ragazzo Treno, Video Of The Boy Pushed Under The Train Viral On Social Media!

A horrific incident from Italy is coming ahead where a boy who was standing at the railway station was pushed under the train is coming ahead and it is seen that the boy was pushed under the train by his friends or the companions who were standing with him. On the other hand, it was seen that the people who were standing with the boy were shocked, as soon as the video was shared online it gained massive audience attention and many people were shocked and shared it online as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Ragazzo Treno, Video Of The Boy Pushed Under The Train

Ragazzo Treno, Video Of The Boy Pushed Under The Train

It can be said that the attack has been life-threatening though this should not be on the internet still the video is getting shared. Stay tuned as we discussed in detail about this incident. In an incident that occurred in Italy a group of three boys were seen at a station where one boy was standing alongside another two, all of a sudden the other two pushed the boy in a white hoodie. In the meantime, it was seen that a train was coming behind and the boy almost fell beneath the train.

In the next scene, people were shocked and they rushed to help the kid. Hopefully, the kid survived this attack and was rescued successfully and also safely by the passengers waiting for the train. This incident was recorded by a CCTV camera and is now getting shared on the internet widely and on different socials as well. It was mentioned that this footage was of the Seregno Station which is in Italy and the boy who was pushed almost beneath the train was a 14-year-old boy who was rescued by the co-travellers who were there at the station.

Ragazzo Treno, Video Of The Boy Pushed Under The Train Explained

The name of the boy who was pushed beneath the train was not mentioned, although it was mentioned by the local police that they are solving the case and soon they will find out the detail of the case as well. Images of the incident were released online here the boy was almost seen getting under the train as the other two boys pushed him while the train was arriving and almost took his life as well. The mother of the child who was pushed came ahead and said that her child almost died in the incident while it was added that the mother needs a full investigation of this investigation

And wanted the other children who pushed her son to be charged legally. While the attack occurred recently officer mentioned that the other boys were his classmates and who went to their houses after school. After a brief investigation, Italian police mentioned that they have taken the other two children who pushed the boy in a white hoodie under arrest and they are currently getting interrogated while their suspicion was an attempt to murder.

The victim in this incident arrived at the station around 2:30 pm while he was at the station one and the other boys who were also his classmates arrived at the scene and they were at the same time. It was added by the police that one of the two students who were involved was a resident of Sergno resident and the details or the names of the students were not mentioned yet. The video so far has been removed from the internet for confidential reasons and is not to promote violence, but images from the video are getting circulated around.


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