VIDEO: DC Woman Karen Banned From Uber After Making Racist Remarks On Uber Driver Video Viral!

Hello, readers welcome back to our article. This article is going to be very interesting as well as shocking because a video is getting while on the social media platform and you might be curious to know what we are talking about so recently we have come across this shocking piece of news so it is related to the video of DC women who has been banned while investigates racist diatribe. The whole social media is currently filled with her name and they wanted to know more about the whole situation and the racist remarks about the uber driver. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

DC Woman Karen Making Racist Remarks On Uber Driver Video

DC Woman Karen Banned From Uber

So this particular video is of a woman who is living in Washington DC as she was really at her black obey driver who was surface on Wednesday so talking about the DC women so the internet is currently filled with a lot of questions regarding the video we can see that women are badly shouting at the black man who is her driver the both of the people including this woman and the driver started fighting in the video which was being captured by women from the building adjacent.

DC Woman Karen Making Racist Remarks On Uber Driver Video

As she recorded all the fighting on her mobile phone because of the vehicle that was being parked on the side of the road talking about the investigation so now both the driver as well as the passenger are under custody and the police are investigating the whole incident in which the passenger was repeatedly saying the same word that driver a slave. However, ask for the sources we have to save this information Uber claim to have already been the touch with the driver and they have blocked the rider’s account from this particular app.

DC Woman Karen Racist Remarks On Uber Driver Video

The video was quite shocking and a number of people have been commenting on that where we can see that the woman is badly pushing the driver and the woman is also saying some bad words like you are a little piece of shit however the woman is being later on the band from the relevant ride apps because of the viral video on the social media platform which is making a lot of controversies driving a lot of attention.

However, in that particular video, we can also see your couple that is by standing by the sidewalk when the women’s stone was getting high and she started arguments a lot however when the video started the woman is saying the person to take his medication and then she is also calling him crazy she also mentioned that you are the employer of me and I am your boss she is repeatedly saying some of the racial words in the argument remote and 2.8 millions of people that have seen the video on the Twitter.


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