Did Tiansi Xin Cause Of Death Linked To Suicide? Cummins MIT Chemistry Department  Student Dies!

Tiansi Xin Cause Of Death: A very shocking and sorrowful news has arrived from MIT University where a PhD student passed away during an experiment in the laboratory. There is a lot of speculations have been made on his death and a doubt of suicide is also occuring for the same. The cause of death for this incident is really under suspicion and people are eager to know about it. Tiansi Xin was a talented chemist who was very interested in scientific experiments and working with chemicals. His curiosity has led him to do PhD with the same field and on the day of his death as well he was working in the chemistry lab.

Tiansi Xin Cause Of Death
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Tiansi Xin Cause Of Death

Tiansi Xin was a talented chemistry student of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a PhD student for chemistry honors and was just 27 years old. He was very interested in chemistry and working with chemicals and most often found in the lab working on different kinds of experiments.

As per the other students, on the say of his death, he was also working on some experiments in the chemistry lab. On 16th November 2023, Tiansi Xin was in the laboratory and he was working on a major project for his chemistry assignment. 

The project included phosphorus compounds. As per the reports he was working as regularly and suddenly a major chemical explosion occurred that caused him severe injuries and burns. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and his treatment was started but he was majorly wounded and burned and cannot be saved.

As of the information, it looks like an accident but the doubts occur that such an expert chemist Tiansi Xin cannot make such a blunder mistake. Police are investigating the matter to find out the reason for that accident. Ir is expecting to be a human cause or any chemical instability.

Who Was Tiansi Xin?

Tiansi Xin Cause Of Death
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Tiansi Xin was a 27 years old student of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and he was doing his PhD degree in chemistry from the institute. He was a very talented student and an experienced chemist. He was very interested in inorganic chemistry and organometallic chemistry. 

He was also a member of the Cummins group that was a renowned expert in the field of phosphorus chemistry. He was also a part of the group and working on a project for a novel of phosphorus containing molecules.

He has also submitted papers for prestigious journals like journals of the American Chemical society, ACS Central science and chemical sciences. He was part of MIT since his graduation and was also a successful teacher of the institute.


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