Teenager Duangphet Phromthep Who Survived Thai Cave Rescue�Dead, What Happened To Him? Explained!

Hello friends, there is very sad news that came out recently that one of the 12 boys rescued from the Thai cave incident is dead now named Duangphet Phromthep. His death was sudden and it was announced by the Thai. This news is very sad. He was one of the boys who was trapped inside the flooded cave in 2018 that took almost three weeks to rescue all the 12 boys from that cave. He survived there but it is very unfortunate that he is no longer with us now and it is the toughest time for his family and loved ones. In this article, we are going to give you all the brief details about Duangphet Phromthep and his death news. Follow Our website�TheGossipsWorld Media�for the latest updates!!!!!

What Happened To Duangphet Phromthep?

Who Was Duangphet Phromthep?

Duangphet Phromthep was a 17 years old teen boy who was a soccer player and lived in the UK, British. To start his soccer career he enrolled in Leicestershire, England. He started his career and played matches. One of the major incidents that happened with him was in 2018 which has taken much global attention. It was a terrific incident where 12 boys including Duangphet Phromthep and a coach were trapped inside the flooded cave.

What Happened To Duangphet Phromthep?

Duangphet Phromthep died on Sunday 12th March 2023 due to an accident as stated by the Thai police In the UK, the British. However, his cause of death is not clearly specified. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning in a rush and after some time he lost his life. All the other rescued members and the other committees are tributing him on his death and showing their grief over the incident.

Duangphet Phromthep Who Survived Thai Cave Rescue�Dead

The incident has become global and it took three weeks to rescue all of the boys inside the cave. It was the longest-running rescue operation ever. All the boys survived and it was the happiest time for their parents and the country to get them back after a long three weeks. The rescue was also not easy as the cave was filled with water and the passage was very narrow. The boys were provided with all the water safety equipment, oxygen mask, cylinder and everything to pass from the tunnel safely by passing through a narrow passage.

The boys were divided into teams and many safety teams and experts were there to save them and they passed through a very narrow passage underwater. Duangphet Phromthep was a member of the 2nd group who passed through the tunnel after the 1st group.�It was the first ever longtime rescue of people who were all safe and fine after that. All the boys were taken to the hospital for post-recuperation. The family members were filled with joy and tears of happiness to get their child alive after so long a time.

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