Shooting Reported At Jackson Reed High School DC Today, Temporarily On Lockdown, Suspect Name!

On the one hand, crimes against women are not stopping, on the other hand, there has been an increase in the cases of shootings. But now most of the shooting incidents happen in a place where many people are gathered and sadly in schools and universities. A recent shooting incident happened in a high school that distressed people throughout the world who now wants to know how many children have suffered from serious wounds or anyone lose their life. As soon as the shooting incident came into the limelight people are looking to know about it and the school where the incident happened. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Shooting Reported At Jackson Reed High School DC Today

Shooting Reported At Jackson Reed High School DC Today

As per the reports, the lockdown was lifted after the incident for the safety of the people. The lockdown was put on Friday, 04:00 PM at Jackson-Reed High School located in the area of Tenleytown. This area is exactly located in Northwest Washington. After the incident, the school is temporarily put on lockdown because of the police activity area. Police are investigating the area and trying to find out what exactly has happened. The officials of D.C public school stated that the police are currently investigating the matter and because of this they sealed the area.

Jackson Reed High School DC Is Temporarily On Lockdown

Now police are trying to get the proof so that they can arrest the suspect. Officials state that “The sounds of bullet firing were heard in the propinquity of the educational institution.” After the bullets were heard, other schools were placed on the status of alerts which include Murch Elementary, Lafayette Elementary and Deal Middle schools. On the afternoon of Friday, 18th November 2022, the school official states that “All educational institutions have been alert and we are trying to find out the suspect.”

Who Is The Suspect?

The police are trying to identify the suspect and for that, they are looking at each corner of the school. According to D.C. police, someone dropped down a resource officer of school at the High school. As we already mentioned above the school was identified as Jackson-Reed High School which was earlier known as Woodrow Wilson High School. D.C. cops state that the sound of gunshots was heard at around 02:45 PM. Cmdr. Duncan Bedlion the officer of the Metropolitan Police Department stated that “As soon as we got to know about the incident we instantly reached at the time spot and fastly learned that there was 1 person who shot near the school.”

After firing the bullet, the suspect gets seated in the car and the model of the car is a black Infinity sedan. The reports stated that there were many other people who were sitting inside the car. As of now police do have not the details of the suspect and trying to check the CCTV footage so that they get some details about the suspect.


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