Shooting At Colorado Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall, 2 Killed In Shooting, Who Is The Suspect?

Thornton, Colorado. Police added that they were about a shooting that occurred in the Thornton area of Colorado. As per the reports, this shooting occurred this Christmas and there were casualties being reported. This case occurred just moments on the day of the Christmas and people were shocked to see uh crime happening in the surroundings. Police also revealed that they are investigating the case and that soon they will solve it as well. Other than that the witnesses as well are giving out their statements. Stay tuned as we covered information about this incident that occurred in Colorado, Thornton.   Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

2 People Killed In Colorado Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall Shooting

Shooting At Colorado Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall

As per the reports, and police statement this incident occurred on the day of Christmas when police reported of a shooting that occurred in the Jehovah’s kingdom Hall in Thornton, Colorado and police started to investigate the case. Police later concluded that there is no danger to the resident of Colorado or Thornton as there is no shooter there. While one thing saddening is that the police found the dead bodies of a man and a woman who were found dead. While one was shot from the front and the other was shot from the side of his head. The police started to search for witnesses they found one and reports suggest they are taking statements.

2 People Killed In Colorado Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall Shooting

Police revealed that the two people or the man and the woman were a married couple who shot themselves. Later police clarified that the man from the coupe shot the woman first ad then he shot himself on the day of the incident. Though police did not mention the names of the couple who passed away they revealed that the couple was one of the members of the Kingdom Hall congregation. While during the investigation there was a heavy patrol seen on the site of the incident as the police were investigating. Police released a statement online through which they informed that the shooting was reported around 9 am on the day of Christmas.

Who Is The Suspect?

Police confirmed that the identity of the two deceased was identified by the Adams coroner’s officer. They also mentioned that County Sheriff’s department is investigating the case currently and they found certain evidence at the site of the crime. While they also mentioned that there are witnesses to this case through which they are collecting statements. They added that witnesses are part of their investigation. While names of the deceased and witnesses were not revealed by the police and are yet to be mentioned. While police later confirmed that there is no threat to the residents of the area as the shooting was targeted.

Police mentioned that they found hazardous material and incendiary devices that they did not clarify about. While it was not mentioned what devices were found at the crime scenes. During this investigation police did not mention the evidence collected as per for security and investigation purposes. While police clearly added that more information will be revealed by the police themselves after complete investigations and they will later clearly state evidence found as well.


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