RIP: Patrick Nzuki Mutinda Aka Ithea Wamatwins Cause Of Death, Kamba Businessman Dead, Funeral & More!

We are here to clear all your doubts as recently we are getting this information regarding a popular Kamba Businessman whose name is Ithea Wamatwins. So recently we are getting this information that he has passed away so let’s see what happened to him and what was his exact cause of death in this article as several people are coming up and being him a tribute on the social media platform where civil people are expressing their emotions on his death. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Patrick Nzuki Mutinda Death Reason

Patrick Nzuki Mutinda Death Reason

So talking about his cause of death so he was involved in a fatal car accident which took place on the road known as Mombasa so it was a very terrific head-on collision which took place on this Highway and he was killed when his Toyota Hilux he was riding by his own self got crashed into another car while attempting to get a pass immediately the medical team arrived at the location and he was taken to the nearby hospital but unfortunately he was not able to survive.

Who Was Patrick Nzuki Mutinda?

He is one of the most renowned businessmen and he got prominence because of his experience talking about this accident this accident took place 30 km from the police station known as Mtito Andei Police Station. His complete family is devastated according to the resources which are being submitted a Mahindra Scorpio was being driven by a person who is 40 years old the other person is being treated and is shifted to the hospital.

Patrick Nzuki Mutinda: Wikipedia & Bio

We are sad to announce his passing as he was being adored by a number of people out there and he was also used to known as the helping hand of the people he was the one who supported several people out there and no number of big personalities are coming up as they are being him a big tribute talking about his details so as of now no details has been given to us because we are not able to get in touch with his family members.

We know that it is a tough time and losing someone is never easy and we would like to send all our love as well as support to the family. Deep condolence and sympathy at this moment. He will be forever remembered by the people out there because people like him and to know him is an honour in itself. May his beautiful memories comfort his family members during this tough time and may his beautiful soul rest in peace.


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