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RIP: Former World Champion Boxer Moises Fuentes Cause Of Death, Boxer Dead At 37, Funeral & Obituary!

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Moises Fuentes, the boxing legend who knocked his opponent down on the ground very easily and who also was very young when he debuted passed away at the age of 37. Moises was a fighter who was appreciated and very young and passionate. He was just 37 when he passed away and the Mexican boxer’s demise news was posted online through a Tweet and through other social media as well. His career was a lower division but was a star when it comes to knocking his opponent down. Stay tuned as we covered everything about Moises and most importantly the reason behind Moises’s demise as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Moi Fuentes Death Reason

Moises Fuentes Death Reason

As per the information given out on the internet and through the Tweet that was passed about the demise, Moises passed away this Thursday, the 24th of November 2022. His demise news was released through a Tweet by the President of the World Boxing Council. Mauricio Sulaiman who is the President of WBC added that Moises passes away amid his injury and that he sends his condolences to the family of Moises who suffered the tragic loss of their young son. Lastly, he added rest in peace Moises and posted Moises’s picture as well. Moises was admitted to the hospital after his last hospital in his injury was the reason behind his demise.

Who Was Moises Fuentes?

Moises was a world champion and he has a record of 33 fights from which he has 22 victories and from them 14 were knockouts. He also had one draw and seven defeats as well in his short career, The last fight that he fought cost him his life. Moises was on a break from his career for three years and after that, he challenged David Cuellar. David was his last opponent and in this fight itself, Moises suffered a major injury on his head after which he was hospitalized and went for surgery as well. Moises after that fight was hospitalized and for about a year and more he was in the hospital getting treated. In that fight, Moises was knocked out in six episodes.

Moises Fuentes: Wikiepdia & bio

Moises was in the hospital for more than a year and he also had surgery as well. Due to the injury that he had on his head, Moises suffered a clot in his head and he also went through brain surgery as well. Although Moises suffered the injury he never made it alive. He passed away this Thursday after suffering in bed for more than a year. This incident or match was held back in October 2021 and cost Moises’s life in it. Sulaiman while writing about Moises added that Moises fought until his last breath and he also said that Moises was a warrior. Sulaiman sent his condolences through Tweet to Moises’s family and lastly prayed for his soul.

Moises made his debut in 2011 and he was in the minimum weight tile defeating Raul Garcia, He also defeated the Puerto Rican legend named Ivan Calderon. He won the WBO minimum flyweight championship as well back in 2013. Moises also defeated many players like Franciso Chihuas Rodrguz in his career. In 2018 Moises took a break from his career until 2021 and after three years, he made his entry back in the ring. This match was fatal for him as he got injured in the match and was hospitalized until his demise now.


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