Is Rajinder Atwal Dead Or Alive? Amandeep Atwal Murderer All Details Explored!

Rajinder Atwal Dead Or Alive: A very hilarious and shocking murder case came around in July 2003 where a father was found guilty for killing her own 17 years old daughter. He brought her daughter in a very strict environment and when he found her daughter in a relationship with a boy of her high school, he fatally stabbed her. Talking about the Controversial murder of 17 years old daughter Amandeep Atwal, her father Rajinder Atwal was punished for killing his own daughter. Here we have all the information about the Amandeep Atwal Murderer case and where is Rajinder Atwal, Is he dead or alive.

Rajinder Atwal Dead Or Alive
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Rajinder Atwal Dead Or Alive

Rajinder Atwal was arrested after killing her own daughter after he got to know about her relationship with a boy in her high school. Her daughter Amandeep Atwal was just 17 years old when she was found dead because of multiple stabs. A total of 11 stabs were found on her body and it was so deep that both of her lungs were found punctured in the autopsy report. 

Rajinder Atwal found that her daughter is in a relationship with a boy Todd Mclsaac in her high school. He stabbed her with a sharp knife inside his car for around 11 times and when she stopped responding, he took her to the hospital where she was found dead. He was later found guilty by the police officers and was sentenced to imprisonment for life and some possibility of parole after 16 years.

A Second Degree murder case was applied to him that caused him to suffer in jail. He is still alive and had multiple parole meetings over the years. He got a day parole in 2018 but he was denied full parole and still continuing his punishment. 

Amandeep Atwal Murder Case

Rajinder Atwal Dead Or Alive
Image Source: Sportskeeda

Amandeep Atwal murder news was a shocking one in the time of 2003. She was allegedly Stabbed and murdered by her own father on 30th july 2003. She was brought up in a very strict environment by her father and when she was caught having an affair with his High school friend, she was allegedly Stabbed by his father for around 11 times and it took her life instantly. 

She was a young and bright girl and was quite popular in her high school. She was a beautiful, talented and obedient student who lost her life inside the car of her father. Her father Rajinder Atwal tried to protect himself claiming that she took her own life by stabbing herself with a kitchen knife while sitting in the backseat but all the false claims were caught by the police after getting the autopsy reports. Her stab wounds, CCTV footage and the autopsy reports clearly claimed that her own father took her life in a very cruel way. 


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