MOTU PATLU GAY Or Not? Why It Is Trending On Social Media? Reason

Motu Patlu Gay: In the article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about the well-known character Motu Patlu so how can you forget these two characters as they are your favorite characters from childhood and children were crazy about this particular show which used to come on the channel Nickelodeon India. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Motu Patlu Gay?

Motu Patlu Gay?

This particular series is an animation series it used to come on the Nickelodeon channel it was written by Neeraj Vikram. The production of this series so has been produced by the Cosmos Maya Studio and Viacom 18. And this series started coming up on the channel on 16 October 2012.

What Is Motu Patlu Serial Is About

Both the two characters Motu and Patlu are interesting and children use to love the character of both of them. So as we all know that there was a very well-known theme song for this particular cartoon and it was stated like Motu or Patlu Ki Jodi this series mainly revolves around the two main characters

Motu Patlu Genre

And they are best friends and they used to live in a town and then the town’s name was Fury Nagar. However, after some time they started living in another city which was named a modern city so every time both of them used to save the world and the people around them with the types of trouble that are taking place in their society.

Are Motu Patlu Gay IMDB?

However, somehow questions are being arisen about Moto and Patlu and that has gained a lot of hype as per the reports King is the friendship in the particular series there are several questions that people are asking about more and but no are they gay because they are very good friends and use to live with each other in the whole show.

Motu Patlu Story

However, both were very concerned and worried about each other, and same like that they both can’t live without each other. But even after being the gay characters they have also provided and developed good thoughts among the children so that they can stay away from violence and also know the real meaning of friendship.

Motu Patlu: Wikipedia & Bio

Despite the fact that moto and Patlu’s characters are gay we cannot hide the fact that this particular show is studying good thought towards society and especially to the children who are big fans of this particular show so if we want to answer the question that whether they are gay or not so yes they are gay from the character of this particular television series

Motu Patlu Gay Rumors Explained

And this was confirmed by a rating page of more to the Patlu series. Not only has this birthday been the first-day character and promoted by the Indian cartoons that are very good for the kids. However, there is a person name John and along with him he used to have his two friends so every time

Motu Patlu Show Plot

He used to come up and create violence and he always uses to trouble the whole city and the people who were living in the future Nagar meanwhile more to and Patlu for always ready to come up and save the people from this Don who created violence over the people of furfuri Nagar,

However, Motu Patlu also used to get into a lot of trouble when they used to see the people but at last together they used to fight and save the whole full furniture, Nagar.


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