Miami Man Larry March Accused Of Murder In A Squatters’ Den Captured By Florida Cops!

In a chilling tale of crime and intrigue, a Florida man found himself entangled in a web of murder, kidnapping, and drug-related charges after a routine traffic stop led to his capture. It was a completely dramatic murder case and a series of incidents occurred after that finally the case was resolved.

Larry March Accused Of Murder In A Squatters' Den
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Larry March Accused Of Murder In A Squatters’ Den

In the heart of Miami, an empty home in the northeast part of the city became the backdrop for a gruesome murder. The house, owned by local immigration lawyer Maria Escandell, had been overrun by squatters while she worked on renovating the property. These squatters brazenly changed the locks, essentially claiming the property as their own. The case always took a bad turn and however after finding the Escandell report, finally it led to the murder suspect.

The Fatal Shooting

On a fateful Sunday, Miami police responded to a distress call from the squatter-occupied house. Inside, they discovered the lifeless body of Lamont Ferguson, a victim of a fatal shooting. The identity of the perpetrator remained a mystery, and the police initiated a thorough investigation into the murder. The grim scene suggested a violent and chaotic end to Ferguson’s life.

The Girlfriend’s Revelation

While in police custody, March’s girlfriend came forward with startling revelations. She claimed that March had kidnapped her and confessed to being behind Lamont Ferguson’s murder. According to her account, March had become agitated after discovering text messages from other people on her phone.

This anger escalated to violence, with March allegedly assaulting her and brandishing a gun. She managed to escape just hours before March’s traffic stop, shedding light on the events leading up to his arrest.

Connecting The Dots

With the girlfriend’s account in hand, investigators began connecting the dots. She revealed that she had been present in the squatter-occupied home on the day of the murder. March, according to her, had shot Lamont Ferguson multiple times before fleeing the scene. The police then turned their attention to the firearm found in March’s possession during the traffic stop. Their analysis confirmed that it matched the weapon used to commit the murder.

The Charges

Larry March’s life took a dark turn as he faced a barrage of charges. First, he was arrested for kidnapping, battery, and possession of cocaine after his girlfriend’s harrowing ordeal. But the most significant development came when he was charged with second-degree murder for the killing of Lamont Ferguson. The murder weapon found in his car became the crucial piece of evidence that tied him to the crime.


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