Karthika Deepam (కార్తీక దీపం) Latest Episode Written Update 10th November 2020, Check Spoiler Alert Twist & Turns

The “Karthikadeepam” scene commences with Hema exhibit their comfort towards the Geet that Kartik return the night time. Hema told that I require him in my life as equivalent as in the past. What’s more, I nevermore need to hear regarding my parents. Saundarya told she acts commonly. Hema doesn’t even know that she eats something or not, I am similar like her dadi who furnishes the load. Deepa holds Hema in her lap & strives to let her understand & prevent her from crying. With the purpose that they nevermore recognise her tears & your dad placed something very comparable which you want. 

Karthik Deepam 10th November 2020 Today Written Episode

Karthik Deepam 10th November 2020 Today Written Episode

Moreover, he breathes for you that is the purpose she can’t go a long way from you so don’t cry. Deepa gets surprised to imagined did Kartik remain with her equivalent as in the past. Saundarya notices Aditya & Sharavya returned home & she responded to Sharya & Deepu to relax in her bedroom. Aditya scream. Deepa explained Saundrya probably Kartik is in his place. Aditya converses with her so harshly. Saundrya questions what happen. Aditya also asks that when Kartik leaves you & where & why you couldn’t apprise me. Am I not your child? 

Saundrya stated he would not prefer to proffer any pressure, Aditya you don’t tell a word to me, Hema begins asking her parents however you don’t inform me regarding them. Saundarya stated they don’t understand that I don’t show. Aditya told you but them an orphanage yet you refuse to furnish the clarification to your sibling. Also, where Kartik notices their parents & they return? You make them desperate, I will discover my sibling. 

Aditya leaves the area. Saundarya told everybody begins asking me. In the event that you have any questionings, he goes inside without considering a discernible however not loud. Saundrya stated it is my greatest failure to divide you with Hema in light of the fact that everybody playing with me & he sensed that. Sharavan & Deepa encourage youngsters. 

Karthika Deepam Today’s Written Episode Updates 10th November 2020

Saundrya calling somebody. C. comes to Saundrya place & question who is Kartik. Saundrya stated that Kartik questions his children & what occurs to them. Mauna protested that Kartik is missing, C. Saundrya questions that who will complain to you. Nobody grumbling from our family member that how you got her compliant? What is your name C states Anand & requests that he call Kartik or give him evidence that he isn’t absent? For more written updates and latest information stay connected with MobileWorld.


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