JERSEY FLATS EXPLOSION Incident, Seven People Missing After Blast Named By Police!

Hello readers welcome back to our articles in this article we are going to talk about something very important so this particular article is going to reveal all the names regarding the jersey explosion so make sure you will be reading this article till last as we have gathered some info as well as important updates regarding the explosion and according to the sources there are seven victims who have been found. Follow Our website�TheGossipsWorld Media�for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Are The Victims Of The Jersey Flats Explosion?

Jersey Flats Explosion Incident

We know that it was a quite horrifying moment as well as an explosion where several people lost their loved ones seven of the nine people were feared dead and many of the people are still missing after an explosion in which the blocks, as well as the flats, were being destroyed badly in Jersey the case is under investigation and now we have been getting this information that there are few people whose name are coming up.

Who Are The Victims Of The Jersey Flats Explosion?

So talking about the victim so they are Peter Bowler who was 72 years old Raymond brown who is 71 years, Rome de Almeida, 67, Louise de Almeida, 64, Derek Ellis, 61, Sylvia Ellis, 73 and Billy Marsden 63. There was a will other missing people but their name will be released later on police department have been trying its best where they mentioned about four of the people who are still missing and talked about the 5 people who are declared dead.

What Happened In Jersey Flats Today?

This was a very horrific explosion date and a number of people are still not able to cope with their real life as the explosion took place at 3 storeys, Haut du Mont residential block of Pier Road, St. Heiler and this particular situation took place on Saturday and the timings for around 4: 00 GMT. Now engineers have been coming to check the safety test as well as the network but as of now, no issues have been detected by them.

The investigators as well as the police department are trying their best and they have been working with the emergency services so that they will be figuring out the several channels and they will be providing accurate information regarding what exactly happened that day we are sad to announce this news deep sympathy and condolence to the families who have lost their loved once in this explosion.


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