Is Hikaru Kamiki Father Of Oshi No Ko? Mystery Man Identity Explained!

Is Hikaru Kamiki Father Of Oshi No Ko?: Hikaru Kamiki has become a widely known character among fans of the Oshi No Ko manga series. He is the primary antagonist of the series and has been portrayed as a sadistic man with a striking resemblance to Aqua, one of the main characters of the series. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Is Hikaru Kamiki Father Of Oshi No Ko?

Who Is Hikaru Kamiki?

Kamiki is also known for being the father of Aquamarine Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino. In the series, Kamiki is responsible for the murders of several characters, including Ai, which has captivated fans of the series. His appearance in the manga was met with great interest, and many readers were intrigued by his character.

Hikaru Kamiki Name Meaning

Kamiki is depicted as a highly cautious individual, who takes great care to leave no incriminating evidence at the scene of his crimes. He attacks his victims in isolated locations and has a penchant for sadistic behavior. Kamiki’s surname, Kamiki, means “god, deity” (神) (kami) and “tree, wood” (木) (ki). This could be seen as an indication of his god-like complex and his penchant for violence and sadism.

Is Hikaru Kamiki Father Of Oshi No Ko?

The reveal of Kamiki as the father of Aquamarine Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino caused a stir among the manga readers. Many were surprised and shocked by this revelation, and it added a new layer of complexity to the already intriguing character. Despite the popularity of the series, there has been some controversy surrounding it.

Mystery Man Hikaru Kamiki Identity

Some readers have criticized the depiction of Kamiki as a sadistic killer and have expressed concern that it could glorify or romanticize violent behavior. It’s worth noting that the Oshi no Ko manga series is a work of fiction, and the characters and events depicted are not intended to be taken as real or representative of real-life individuals or situations.

However, it is essential to acknowledge the potential impact that media can have on individuals and society as a whole. Chapter 116 of the Oshi no Ko manga series will be released on April 27, 2023, Thursday, at 12 am JST. This is sure to be an eagerly anticipated chapter among fans of the series who are eager to learn more about Kamiki and his role in the story.

Is Hikaru Kamiki Real Father Of Oshi No Ko?

As Ai and Aqua’s popularity rises, strange incidents begin to occur, including the murder of one of their fellow contestants. Ai starts to suspect that Aqua’s father, Hikaru Kamiki, is behind the incidents, but as she investigates further, she uncovers a dark conspiracy involving the agency and its executives.


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