Hand Car Washing – How To Wash A Car Properly?

Even if you are not thus enthusiastic about cars that you find washing your vehicle by hand an enjoyable experience itself, this procedure has a number of benefits such as greater cleanliness, gentler treatment of the car’s paint and delicate parts like mirrors and emblems, as well as reduced water consumption. Read this article and get the best results from washing your car by hand. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Hand Car Washing

What Do You Need

Prepare an active foam or spray and a pressure washer for car pre-washing. For the main wash, you will need a large sponge and brush, as well as a special car shampoo that is effective enough to remove road grime, yet gentle on the car’s paint.

You can also prepare a stronger product for removing difficult stains. Make sure you get this product from a reputable manufacturer, otherwise, you risk ruining the paint.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to use two buckets of water. Use the first to make a solution with a shampoo, and the other exclusively to rinse your sponge to reduce the number of impurities that can scratch the surface of the car.

Finally, put a clean absorbent microfibre towel to dry your car after washing.

Pre-Wash Your Car

Pre-washing does not remove all the dirt from your vehicle, but it is essential for particularly dirty vehicles, as it helps minimize potential abrasion and swirl marks.

At this stage, you can use a pressure washer, which is perfect for the safe removal of sand particles that could scratch the surface of the vehicle. Do not forget to apply an active spray or foam to soften the dried dirt before using a washer.

Main Wash

Now, it is time to wash the car by hand. Your pressure washer will only do for removing loose dirt. For road grime, you will need a nice sponge with a special car washing shampoo, such as Neutral Creamy Shampoo from Soft99, which encapsulates the dirt and makes it easier to remove it with water.

Although it turns into a thick foam, you can rinse it off easily, even when it dries completely on the surface of the vehicle. A good practice for the main wash is to use a brush. It is a handy tool for getting into crevices and other inaccessible areas. You can also use it for small elements that require more attention when washing, such as car emblems.

It may happen that your car will still have persistent stains that will require an effective product safe for car paint. Soft99’s stain cleaner is one of those products that will ruthlessly remove any dirt. When all the stains are gone, you can rinse your car with clean water.

Hand Washing Don’t’s

All sharp and abrasive agents that seem suitable for cleaning stubborn stains can destroy the car’s surfaces. Household cleaners, even dishwashing detergents, are prohibited because they can affect wax and sealants.

And remember not to apply excessive pressure while washing. Washing in direct sunlight will cause white spots due to rapidly evaporating detergents. The same happens if you do not dry your car with a towel.

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