FULL VIDEO: SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video Went Viral, Check What Happened!

Hello friends, today again new information for you. SHO Faisal Town Police Station is the main police station in Karachi. It is situated in Faisal Town. It is one of the busiest police stations in Karachi. People can reach this police station through Faisal Town PHQ or Ghousia Chowk PHQ. Karachi was full of heavy rainfall on Sunday, May 29; as everyone came out of their houses to celebrate Eid-ul Fitr, the SHO Faisal Town Police Station area recorded a dry spell with a cloudy sky. This unexpected change in weather left some curious citizens and netizens in glee. Eventually, this also elevated into a social media sensation with memes being shared left and right. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!!

SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video

SHO Police Station Faisal Town Video

A video of Pakistan police performing the last rites of a man who committed suicide inside the police station has gone viral on social media platforms. The video shows the cops performing Gitanjali with the body on the bed. While police describe the incident as a suicide, people on social media have condemned the action and accused it to be a ritual for ritual killing carried out by ‘Ghar wapsi’ teams.

Wait…this is not a film on some horrific crime being committed somewhere in Pakistan. No, this sketch is a video going viral on social media! The video of an SHO Police Station Faisal Town staffer asking the public to send him video clips of any kind has made headlines for two simple reasons. The first one is the sheer honesty of the man who is being mocked for his eccentric request, and the second is his unusual way of treating such a normal task as asking for a recording.


SHO Police Station Faisal Town Viral Video

A viral SHO police station video viral on social media this morning has gone viral on Naya Pakistan Facebook page. The video shows a BBMP cop telling his family in a very serious tone “Aap kya baat hai? He was obviously trying to persuade his family to pay bribes for not going to prison. The audio of the video is quite audible, but it’s being censored for obvious reasons. Maybe you are on a business trip or on a holiday and are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Or, maybe there is an emergency in your family and you have to reach the hospital by taxi or any other means of transportation. Police incidents unfold in a number of ways, but the one which the public is most familiar with is the use of a videophone to report an incident. With the widespread use of cameras in the front line of any crisis, this would be a great time to learn how using a videophone could have helped save many lives.


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