EXPLAINED: Why Did Prosecutors Leading Trump Criminal Probe Resign? Reason Latest Update Everything You Need to Know About!

Hello friends, today again new information for you.  Before Special Counsel, Robert Mueller could complete his work on the investigation into President Trump’s associates, a handful of officials who worked for the special counsel’s office resigned. The list includes James Quarles, Jeannie Rhee, and Aaron Zebley. The resignation of these officials may have something to do with the fact that the investigators have no jurisdiction to indict President Donald Trump for criminal tax fraud charges. In the case of Robert Mueller, the official who took charge of the special counsel investigation into ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. Stay tuned to our website TheGossipsWorld.com for more latest updates!!

Prosecutors Leading Trump Criminal Probe Resign

Prosecutors Leading Trump Criminal Probe Resign

We know that a former campaign adviser to Trump has already pleaded guilty to lying to investigators. What we still don’t know about this ongoing probe is the reason for the resignation of another prosecutor, who was leading it. Today, when you look at all the reasons for which Peter Carr and Rachel Brand were given their socks in the special counsel investigation, let’s ensure to keep one thing in our mind – Tax fraud investigation. A new report in the Washington Post suggests that Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is fully cooperating with the corruption team, and plans to keep working at his current post.

Why Did New York Prosecutors Leading Trump Criminal Probe Resign?

This is quite a surprising turn of events, but it’s not necessarily an indication that there is no problem looming on the horizon. There could still be one, a very big one. The possibility that Trump may be on the chopping block is still there, despite these developments. OK, he may not be in danger just yet, but he’s certainly not safe. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the person spearheading the investigation of alleged Russian interference in the US election is not just any old prosecutor. He is one of the very few US prosecutors who has the kind of repute that could silence any other inquiring judge to prevent him from investigating the president.

Trump Criminal Probe Resign Reason Latest Update!

The fact that he has received this kind of repute has even led several legal experts in believing and warning that any court of law would be completely helpless to stop him from investigating Trump as long as he remains a sitting president. With the investigation of President Donald Trump intensifying last week, a number of key US figures have resigned from the administration. There is, however, one man who is still playing a pivotal role and it is unknown if he will remain in the post or be ousted. Despite the lack of any specific progress and reports to the contrary, most people remain convinced that this man is Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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