Elon Musk Released A Statement About Making His Own Phone If Apple & Goggle Ban Twitter!

Tesla owner, Elon Musk is making headlines with the things that he doing these days. Earlier he purchased the whole of Twitter and its rights as well. Later he fired many employees from Twitter and also said that he will keep a charge on the app as well so that the buyers can pay for their features. Now again he is in the news after he released a controversial statement. Elon added now on his platform Twitter that he will make his own phone if Google and iPhone don’t bend their knees and they won’t agree to his terms. This news is making headlines which is common for the billionaire. Stay tuned as we covered this news clash of Musk in detail. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

What Will Elon Musk Do If Apple And Google Ban Twitter?

Elon Musk Released A Statement About Making His Own Phone

Elon earlier released a statement that he will put charges on Twitter and then the buyers will first have to pay a subscription and then will be able to access the app later. Now, this was not new to many as there are many apps that are making people pay subscriptions, and later they are able to access the app. But the new thing here is Elon is now wanting to make his new mobile if Google and iPhone will not give permission for a subscription on the play store and app store respectively. Rather this is controversial to the competition is high and Elon does what he wants to as he did purchase Twitter and also other apps as well.

Elon Musk Released A Statement About Making His Own Phone If Apple & Goggle Ban Twitter

Every app that has a subscription plan first adds on the subscription plans and then gives access to its users. Twitter as well soon will have this feature. Google and iPhone which have play store and app store in their rights and use these apps to get access to or download more apps, take some part of this subscription from the apps and let them have a place in their stores. Android and iPhone have been using the same method for years now. Elon, on the other hand, adds that these subscriptions that Google and iPhone charge is like charges or taxes for apps, and that too on the internet and the stories that Google and iPhone hold.

What Will Elon Musk Do If Apple And Google Ban Twitter?

Now that these apps have defined subscriptions and they pay Google and iPhone as part of their subscriptions, Elon refuses to pay. Earlier the charges of the apps were 30%. If any app charges on its app, then google and iPhone will charge and take 30% of it from them. Now it has been reduced straight from 30% to 15% and it has been implemented recently. Elon said that these are directly like the taxes that the government charges. Elon refuses to pay those charges that Google and iPhone might charge. So in response to this, he made the statement that he will release his own phone in case anything controversial with Google and iPhone occurs.

A Twitter user this weekend asked Elon what he will do if there is any penalty from Google or iPhone or if they remove his app from the stores. Elon was quick to reply and he said that if in case anything like this happens, if in case, then he will for sure make his own phone and then install the Twitter app on it. This went viral all over the internet and people were shocked to hear such a statement from Elon. AS earlier also Elon said that he will purchase Twitter and he did it, and now this statement as well can get true if he did not get the charges controversy settled with Google and iPhone.


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