DETAILS: Who Is Patrick Mouratoglou? What Happened Between Novak Djokovic & Him? Controversy Explained!

In the world of tennis, French coach and commentator Patrick Mouratoglou has divided fans after defending Serbian player Novak Djokovic following comments made by the ex-Nike tennis boss in his book “The Roger Federer Effect.” The controversy began after extracts from the book were released, leading to debates on social media. Mouratoglou, who founded the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in 1996 near Paris, has coached many up-and-coming players, including Marcos Baghdatis, Grigor Dimitrov, and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Patrick Mouratoglou?

Who Is Patrick Mouratoglou?

On Twitter, he texted his defence of Djokovic, saying, “To answer Nakashima about Nike and Novak: Whether we agree or not, like or dislike Novak, I personally prefer a real human being with his qualities, his beliefs and his flaws than a perfect untrue image of perfection. Sanctifying perfection is denying our condition as humans.” The comments came after a passage from “The Roger Federer Effect” by Nike’s former tennis boss, who criticized Djokovic for his behaviour on and off the court.

What Happened Between Patrick Mouratoglou & Novak Djokovic?

The passage stated, “Federer is grace personified. Nadal is intensity personified. Djokovic is a bit of a strange cat. A brilliant but enigmatic player with a tendency to rub people the wrong way.” Mouratoglou’s defence of Djokovic sparked a heated debate on social media, with fans of both players weighing in. Some fans praised Mouratoglou for speaking out and supporting Djokovic, while others criticized him for defending Djokovic’s behaviour.

Patrick Mouratoglou Controversy Explained

The controversy has also highlighted the issue of how the media and fans treat different tennis players. While Federer and Nadal are often praised for their on and off-court behaviour, Djokovic has been criticized in the past for his behaviour during matches, such as throwing his racket or swearing. However, many fans of Djokovic argue that he is unfairly criticized and that his behaviour is not worse than that of other players on the tour. They also point out that Djokovic has been a strong advocate for issues such as players’ rights.

mental health, and equality in tennis. The debate over Djokovic’s behaviour highlights the larger issue of how tennis players are perceived by the media and fans. Tennis is a sport that is often associated with grace and sportsmanship, and players who do not fit that mould are often criticized. It is worth noting that while players should strive to exhibit good sportsmanship, they are also human and will make mistakes. It is important to remember that athletes are not perfect and should not be held to an unattainable standard of behaviour.


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