Does David Del Tredici Wife Really Exist? Famed American Composer Dies At 86, Delve Into The Personal Life!

David Del Tredici Wife: David Del Tredici was a very well known American composer who also won the Pulitzer Prize for music. He was well known for romanticising the music and adding an Alice to the music. He started his career as a pianist and made a huge record that includes a pioneer of the Neo-romantic movement. His work has made many records in the American Music Industry. He started his career with a lot of experiments but later served as a New romanticist to the music. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 86 years recently and an era of music has gone with him. 

David Del Tredici Wife
Image source: Los Angeles Times

David Del Tredici Wife

David Del Tredici has made a huge career and records as a successful music composer and has also created a history in the American music industry. He has always been a part of the discussion among the audiences and the music lovers.�

He passed away recently at the age of 86 years. His personal life is also a public interest now and there are a lot of queries about, Is David Del Tredici married or not. However, his marital status is not clear as there is no information regarding his personal life or wife available anywhere on the social media platforms. 

David Del Tredici Cause Of Death

David Del Tredici who is a Pulitzer prize winner American composer, has passed away recently at the age of 86 years. He passed away on 18th November 2023 in New York City, US. 

His death was really sad and shocking and he was survived by his brother and other close family members. The reason for his death is declared as Parkinson’s disease from which he was suffering for a very long time. 

David Del Tredici Life And Career

David Del Tredici Wife
Image Source: Albany Symphony

David Del Tredici was born on 16th March 1937 in Cloverdale, California, US. He started his career at the age of 12 as a pianist. He took piano lessons from the University of California, Berkeley and was always interested in romantic works. 

After that, he took the turn to compose and was given a large series of amazing compositions. Some of his popular creations include Tattoo, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Steps, New York Philharmonic, The Spider and the Fly, New York Philharmonic, Chana’s Story, San Francisco Contemporary Players, Dracula, Eos Orchestral, In Wartime, University of Texas at Austin Wind Ensemble, Gotham Glory, fp Anthony de Mare, piano, Syzygy, Asko Ensemble, Bullycide, La Jolla Music Society.

His composition career also helped him to achieve a huge amount of Awards and honours. Some popular and most honourable awards that he got include, the Guggenheim Fellowship, Pulitzer Prize for Music, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Kennedy Center Friedheim Award.

David Del Tredici: FAQ

Who Was David Del Tredici?

David Del Tredici was a very well known American composer who also won the Pulitzer Prize for music.�

What Is David Del Tredici’s Cause Of Death?

David Del Tredici passed away on 18th November 2023, at the age of 86 years due to Parkinson’s disease.

Who Is David Del Tredici’s Wife?

David Del Tredici’s marital status is not clear and there is no information available about his wife and personal life.�


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