Pawn Stars “Corey Harrison Net Worth” 2023, Arrested In LA For Drink And Drive!

In the glittering heart of Las Vegas, where dreams often collide with reality, one name has been synonymous with both fame and controversy: Corey Harrison. As the central figure of the long-running History Channel series ‘Pawn Stars,’ Corey Harrison, at 40 years old, has had his fair share of the spotlight. However, on a fateful Friday morning in September, the lights of Sin City bore witness to a different side of Corey – one that raised eyebrows and headlines. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Corey Harrison Net Worth
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Corey Harrison Net Worth

With a staggering estimated net worth of approximately $4 million, Corey Harrison, affectionately known as “Big Hoss,” stands as a testament to his remarkable achievements in the realms of business and reality television. His financial prowess has been built not only through his integral role on the hit History

Channel series “Pawn Stars” but also through his active involvement in the family-owned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Corey’s diverse career in television and business has solidified his status as a thriving and prosperous personality in the entertainment industry.

A Sudden Turn of Events

The night Corey Harrison found himself at odds with the law began after his return from a brief sojourn in Minnesota, where he had been involved in filming the ‘Pawn Stars Do America’ series. It was just past 1 a.m. when Las Vegas police officers noticed Corey’s vehicle swerving erratically through the city’s neon-lit streets.

Suspicion cast a shadow on Corey as officers initiated a traffic stop, aiming to assess the situation. They were met with a demeanor far from what Corey’s fans had come to expect from the jovial reality star. Police questioned him about his recent alcohol consumption, and to their surprise, Corey Harrison openly admitted to having consumed an alcoholic drink seven hours prior during his flight back to Las Vegas.

The Breathalyzer Conundrum

As Corey stepped out of his vehicle, the request for a breathalyzer test seemed like the logical next step. However, fate had other plans. The arresting officer informed Corey that the breathalyzer device was out of commission, leaving them with a dilemma. It was at this juncture that Corey faced a crucial decision: take a blood test or potentially spend the entire weekend behind bars.

The Blood Test and Release

Corey Harrison, keen on resolving the situation swiftly, chose to undergo the blood test. Eight long hours later, after the wheels of justice had turned, Corey found himself released from custody. Importantly, his driving privileges remained intact, allowing him to leave the police station with his driver’s license in hand. Yet, this incident may not be the end of the story.

Corey Harrison is scheduled to appear in court on September 22, and the outcome of his blood test and other pieces of evidence may determine the path that lies ahead. Penalties for a DUI conviction in Las Vegas can vary widely, ranging from fines to mandatory DUI classes, and even temporary suspension of driving privileges. Moreover, the impact on Corey’s public persona and career remains uncertain, and the producers of ‘Pawn Stars’ may have decisions of their own to make.

A Glimpse into Corey’s Past

This isn’t Corey Harrison’s first encounter with the legal system. In 2011, he faced legal trouble following a bar altercation in California, where he was arrested for shoving a deputy and a security guard during a brawl at Murray’s Saloon in Big Bear Lake. Another incident in 2016 saw Corey arrested for driving with a suspended license. These previous run-ins with the law might come into play when his court date arrives in September.

The Harrison Family Legacy

Corey Harrison’s connection to the world of ‘Pawn Stars’ runs deep. He is the son of Rick Harrison, the owner of the renowned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a Las Vegas institution that has been in operation since 1989. While Rick Harrison no longer works full-time at the shop, his occasional appearances for photos and autographs with fans continue to add an element of surprise for visitors.

Corey himself is known to make unannounced stops at the shop, providing fans with an opportunity to interact with their favorite reality star in the very setting that made him famous.

The Impact of Corey Harrison’s DUI

Corey Harrison’s DUI arrest serves as a stark reminder of the legal and ethical responsibilities that come with public life. While he emerged from this incident with his driving privileges intact, the reverberations of this event have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on his fans and the general public alike.

As discussions surrounding Corey’s situation continue to unfold, only time will reveal the long-term impact on his career and public image. For now, the Las Vegas lights that once illuminated his path to stardom seem to cast a different shadow.

Corey Harrison Net Worth : FAQ

What is Corey Harrison Net Worth?

Corey Harrison estimated net worth is $4 million.


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