Yevgeny Kulesh Death Video, Russian Actor Killed At Bolshoi Theater, Video Went Viral On Reddit!

Yevgeny Kulesh was a Russian veteran theatre actor. He has gained notation as the performer who was killed at Bolshoi Theatre since his death has shocked the world. The late actor had been active in theatre since 2002 and had gained an upper hand in the acting field. The Russian theatre industry is definitely in deep mourning considering Kulesh’s tragic death.

Yevgeny Kulesh Death Video

Yevgeny Kulesh Death Video

Kulesh was around the age of 17 when he joined theatre as an actor. Considering his journey in the field, he was a veteran actor but was about to quit his career for other reasons, per the inside sources. He specialized in mimicry and was on the stage of the opera “Sadko” on the evening of October 9 when he lost his life. Kulesh was married to his fellow actor on the sets whose name has not been disclosed as of yet. The two studied and worked together at the Bolshoi Theater and had been together since then.

Who was Yevgeny Kulesh? Wikipedia, Biography, Age

Yevgeny Kules performed at the Bolshoi Theater for almost two decades. According to the AP agency, the actor was leaving the stage in the wrong direction, and therefore the scenery knocked him to the ground when the scene changed. However, former dancer Nikolai Tsiskardze said that Yevgeny should not be blamed for anything or looking for a scapegoat. “Behind the scenes is hell,” he told Komsomolskaya Pravda, adding that actors are usually injured unnecessarily here, which he has been pointing out for 25 years.

How Did Yevgeny Kulesh Died? Death Reason Cause

The Grand Theater confirmed the death of a member of the mime ensemble as a result of the fall of the decoration and assured him of cooperating in the investigation, which is to clarify all the circumstances of the disaster. The opera Sadko about a violinist of this name, who also played on the seabed, was composed by the Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov at the end of the 19th century.

Panic on stage After the tragedy, the orchestra stopped playing and the curtain closed in about a minute. The audience heard the actors shout “Go to the doctor! Call an ambulance, someone has been hit by a scenery! ”The actors begged the staff to pick up the scenery immediately. People seemed to think at first that an unexpected scene was part of the show. Then he was asked to leave the hall immediately. For additional data and insights on this topic stay associated with TheGossipsWorld.


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