Why Was Nicaraguan Police Arrested Catholic Bishop? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

Incident of Matagalpa, Rolando Alvarezcritic, the president of Nicaragua, and Daniel Ortega were detained by police on Friday and then transferred again to his family home. Although he was kept in deprivation of all liberties. His court trial would be telecasted in the upcoming latest episode. It will be screening the government and catholic church as each other’s rivals. Police officials were made to rush to the premises at Matagalpa curia, lying in the north of the country at dawn. Over there �lvarez was seized and forcibly stay there for two long weeks afterwards was sent to Managua. Bishop was suffering from some of the diseases thus he was allowed to stay at his home. Later the statement was released saying since the bishop had been facing some health issues, thus will be kept in his house under eyes of police officials and in their protection as well. He is allowed to meet his relatives in the morning time only. Follow Our website�TheGossipsWorld.comfor the latest updates!!!!!

Nicaraguan Police Arrested Catholic Bishop Reason

Why Was Nicaraguan Police Arrested Catholic Bishop?

He is specifically allowed to meet with Cardinal and Archbishop of Managua, Leopoldo Brenes as well. All of these privileges were provided to him by taking look over her demolished physical conditions. Since Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, met �lvarez in his family home, in the same place where he had been detained, he observed how unhealthy his condition is. Additionally, the official felt how strong the man is with his willpower and spirit towards life. Later all of this was also announced publically to the media as an understatement by the Archdiocese of Managua.

Nicaraguan Police Arrested Catholic Bishop Reason

This critical and complicated situation needs to be solved as Brebes has been Advocafing this with a reason of understanding that the situation has to be stopped there so as to avoid any further damage. Although he didn’t interrupt the actions and duties of the police thus had to be given basic human rights and should not face any violence. Along with hin other 5 priests, about 2 to 3 seminarians and a layman were also detained who were involved with him. The investigation is going on with all of them under the assistance of the Judicial Assistance Directorate. According to Cenidh.

JAD is a detention centre known as El Chipote. This whole situation has been made to this extent just to make sure that country’s harmony, peace and sovereignty remain in its order, as stated by the UN secretary. This whole incident was because of the church’s inappropriate activity toward the non- catholic community. Later it is going to be investigated much more deeply as everyone who was involved in this activity would be facing circumstances. As the reports are released you’ll sure be informed and updated.

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