Why Did Twitch Streamer Wirtual Went Viral On Social Media? Reason Explained!

Hello everybody history has been made by a 23-year-old twitch streamer who finally finished the difficult Trackmania map in 60 hours and it is a massive accomplishment for Wirtual. Is video Basa finally going viral on the Internet and he is receiving a massive reception after achieving this feat? Thousands of users were waiting for the completion of this Deepest dip and it is a structured map with a lot of hours the most challenging part is that it has both checkpoints and you will not be able to resume from the place you fail. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Wirtual?

Who Is Wirtual?

This young content creator has participated in a number of championships so in the past and he has an incredible amount of experience playing the game. It was a big challenge for him when he started and the map had more than 15 floors with different kinds of Easter eggs and challenges but he never gave up and finished this big task in 60 hours and he was streaming live the whole progress. We currently have 35000 followers on his Twitter account he is from Norway and he joined the platform in 2015.

Wirtual: Wikipedia & Bio

He is following 422 accounts. People more than 500 times while completing this game and it was a word theatre as described by him yesterday he had completed more than 97% of the payment today we completed it. He was clearing the levels of one my Wonder and everybody was getting excited for the ending of the game at first it was daunting and terrifying because it felt like a punishment sitting for 60 hours and completing this challenging game. But he finally did it.

Why Did Twitch Streamer Wirtual Went Viral On Social Media?

More than 10,000 people were watching him completing this game and his personal best is currently top number one in the world and nobody is going to beat him off for a really long time now. You also participated in an event held in September 2022 and he was given second place in that event. He also has a YouTube channel and uploaded the highlights of this completed track on the journal and you can check it out. He has an amazing sense of humour.

He constantly interacts with his admirers when he is doing his videos you always try to make a lightweight video but sometimes we get really frustrated after he is not able to complete a level objective. But the best part is that he never gives up and goes on and on. We will be back with some more updates till then stay tuned to our website. We don’t have any kind of knowledge about his relationship status and he has always focused on his games and increasing the connectivity with his followers on various social media sites.


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