Home News Why Did FaZe Suspend Twitch Streamer Mew? Reason, Full Controversy Explained!

Why Did FaZe Suspend Twitch Streamer Mew? Reason, Full Controversy Explained!

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Welcome back everyone another controversy has sparked up on Twitch where Twitch streamer Kerry “Mew” is facing sexual abuse allegations and he is receiving a massive backlash and criticism from the audience. It all started on the 24th of November and he is really confused and unfortunate because he has lost the respect of his friends and relatives. He was also suspended for an indefinite amount of time by the platform because of the allegations and supposedly Ashtro is the victim of this sexual abuse. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Did FaZe Suspend Twitch Streamer Mew?

Why Did FaZe Suspend Twitch Streamer Mew?

She posted a 3400-word letter on social media sites listing all the primary has done and she wants to take legal action. According to her if he has done something really terrible and she used to trust him but he did something unforgettable at his house. He was really friendly he offered drinks. Some Chats were also available in the public domain and the whole situation got really tense. Mew also lost his sponsorship and promotions after he was suspended from the platform.

What Allegations Were Put On Twitch Streamer Mew?

And he is trying to address the applications and defending himself on Twitter. He is not going to behave in front of anyone and he will prove his legitimacy and his innocence. It seems like Astro gave consent for having s*x but now she says that she was drunk. Such cases have ended in the worst way possible and this case completely destroys the life of a social media influencer they must be really careful of what they are writing and presenting.

Twitch Streamer Mew Full Controversy Explained

Police have not started any kind of Investigation and as of now the social media content creators are trying to prove Each Other Katie and they are showing evidence in the form of conversation. It was heartbreaking news for both sides and toxicity is certainly going to increase in the upcoming days and they have completely Taken all the attention. Initially, both of them liked each other and because of some argument they have now become Enemies and they will be e facing each other in the court.

Popularity and fame can be a very toxin thing for youngsters and they don’t know how to handle it and they don’t have a single idea about the responsibility. This should not bring that serve on social media platforms because many youngsters use them at and this has a negative impact on their mind sector because some of them take these influences and their inspiration and the time to do or replicate the very same. We hope that everything will be sorted in the future. Both of them are young and should not destroy their lives.


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