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Why Did ERIC CLAPTON Postpone Two European Tours? What Happened To Him, Health Condition, Dead Or Alive!

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Recently the famous guitarist Eric Clapton announced that he will be canceling the shows after he was tested positive for coronavirus. He is currently 76 years old and he reported this sad news to all of his fans and they were really frustrated and disappointed by his announcement. Updated on his Facebook pages that have been tested positive for coronavirus and he won’t be able to play at the Robert Albert Hall. He also stated that the doctors have advised him to take a lot of rest. Follow Our website¬†TheGossipsWorld.com¬†for the latest updates!!!!!

Eric Clapton's Health Condition

Eric Clapton’s Health Condition

And all the shows in Italy and Switzerland have been postponed. He was also involved in some controversies in the pandemic interval when we refuse to play at several music avenues and he was against the mandatory vaccine. There are millions of fans and D spend their money for buying tickets and now the shows will be postponed to some other dates in the future. Although his team has I showed that the shows will be organised again within next six months and they are working on it.

Why Did Eric Clapton Postpone Two European Tours?

He has already received his vaccine and his condition is stable as of now. There are many interviews available where he can be seen of criticizing The vaccine and listing the health hazards related to the doses. He was born on 30th March 1945 and he is a musician singer and songwriter. He started his career in 1962 and he currently has five children. He is a expert in playing Rock and blues music. He was born in England and had a taste for music since an early age .

Eric Clapton Dead or Alive?

He has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and he is one of the best selling Musicians of all time. In 1998 it was a reported in many newspapers that he was recovering from alcohol and he was a drug addict and he was taken to a medical facility for recovering substance abusers. He had lots of ups and downs of during his career. He received his first guitar made in Germany for his 13th birthday and initially it was really hard for him and he lost the interest but he later started playing it again after two years and this time he fell in love with the field of music.


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