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Who Was SHANQUELLA ROBINSON Full Fight Video Mexico Hotel Trending & Becomes Sensation On The Internet!

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A fighting video is getting viral which is pulling a lot of attention. This time the fighting is not happening in an alley or any mall but in a room and shockingly the name or the face depicted in the video is a well-known personality. As usual, the first firstly surfaced on Twitter and later on went viral on other platforms. People are sharing their shocking reactions and making this video more viral. Another reason for the video to get viral is that the reports are stating the video is showing the moment before the demise which could be the cause of the death. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Shanquella Robinson Full Fight Video

Shanquella Robinson Full Fight Video

By now, you might have understood whom we are talking about. Yes, you are completely right this time as well, the face which is depicting in the video is of Shanquella Robinson and reports are claiming that the leaked video reportedly shows Robinson being beaten prior to another demise. After watching the video and the chaos over it, the devastated family demanded an investigation into it. Even people want the police to find out the person who was beating Robinson in the video.

Who Is Shanquella Robinson?

According to the reports, Shanquella Robinson the 25-years-old left Charlotte which is located in North Carolina on Friday, 28th October 2022 and soon after her family got to know about her death. The media reports got to know that a terrible and disturbing new video comes up on the web reportedly viewing a “defenceless and [email protected]” Robinson was beaten in the hours prior to her tragic and sad demise. In the viral video, an anonymous lady whom people believe to be one of her pals can be watched hitting, slamming and punching a lady who comes or look like Robinson to the ground in the room of the hotel.

Shanquella Robinson Video Mexico Hotel

As per the latest report, A Charlotte family is asking for answers after their daughter never came back house. The reports further added that she went for a trip to Cabo along with her pals but she never came back home and what came back is her death news. Whosoever knows her is now shocked and stunned after watching the video, they are already in a mourning state and now this video made them more frustrated. A man recording the video of the assault can be heard stating that “Quella please can you at least punch back or do something dude.

” As the video progressed, the lady continued to punch her, informing Robinson to stand on her feet. It seems like she was intoxicated and that is why she was not able to stand. In the video, the lady can be watched yelling at her and asking her to stand up. Now after watching the video, Salamondra and Bernard suspect something terrible and scary thing occurred to their beloved daughter after they got to know about her demise and the cause was identified as alcohol poisoning.


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