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Who Was Queen Elizabeth’s II HUSBAND Prince Philip? All About Their Love Story, Marriage & More!

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In this article we are going to talk about Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, so she got married to Sleep Mountbatten in the month of November in the year 1947 who is also a former friend of Greece and as well as Denmark they spend their half of the life together and their marriage lasted than 73 years until his death. They use to look really adorable together and together they have raised four children’s talking about her husband so there were questions that whether he was a king or not so he was not been titled a king as he was ruling the states but he used to call by the name of Prince. He used to manage the kingdom of Greece and which was established in the year 1832. Prince Philip to his last breath on April 9 2021. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Queen Elizabeth's II Husband, Prince Philip?

Who Was Queen Elizabeth’s II Husband, Prince Philip?

There are several pictures of both of them as they have been sharing some of the sweet moments over the year since their engagement in 1947 they decided and announced their engagement at Buckingham Palace located in London talking about both of them that how they met so both of them it when they were very young and they met at a wedding of Philip cousin however a few years later both of them decided to get into a romantic relationship between long last it for 73 years. He was 99 years old when he took his last breath and his death was announced by Buckingham Palace so if it talks about the reason and the cause of his death so he was hospitalised for many days as he was going through a lot of serious illness problems and then he took his last breath and Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip Love Story

Queen Elizabeth was born on April 21 in the year 1926 she used to have a sibling and a younger sister Margaret they both used to spend their early childhood together in a big Palace located in London unfortunately they didn’t get a chance to go to the school like the other children to use to go but they were being taught at their own place by the government and her life got completely changed when her father was being crowned as king George vI. she was being raised like any other Royal child she uses to receive the education at many languages and also in music his father took his last breath in 1547 and then she was being taken care by her stepmother Catherine Parr.

Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Some of the interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth is that she is one of the longest-reigned Monarchs ever in Britain she used to celebrate two birthdays. Sohar aap chill birthday is celebrated on 21 April and her official birthday was held on Saturday, June. However, Queen celebrated her 70 years on the Throne in June 2022 with her Platinum jubilee she was the mother of Prince Charles and also the grandmother of Princess William and Harry when she was born people never realise that one day she will be going to become a queen of Britain. She also made her first radio broadcast in the year 1940 when she was giving a speech for Britain children of Britain who had been evacuated from their homes and from their families.


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