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Who Was KANE TANAKA and Cause Of Death? World’s Oldest Person Dead At 119, Funeral Updates Obituary Husband Name!

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Currently, very sad news came that the oldest person in the world is no more with us. the name of the oldest person is Kane Tanaka She is 119 years old. but now she leaves us and no more between us. She is from Japan. according to the information, it is said that she recently celebrated her birthday.  this news gets trending on social media and the Internet world. everyone is just talking about her. The demise of  Kane Tanaka happened on the date 19 April 2022. Har Well wishes and family said that it is just and of an era. She is the world’s oldest lady. many users of the internet are now surfing on the internet social media to know more about her. so we are here to help you by providing you with every possible information about  Kane Tanaka World’s oldest lady, so stay tuned with our article to get to know every possible information about her. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Kane Tanaka?

Who Was Kane Tanaka?

Every individual is very excited or curious to know no a lady who lived more than a hundred years. On the date 13 April, the family of  Kane Tanaka informed all of us through their that she was admitted to the hospital continuously. Kane Tanaka, Is a very e generous lady she has always helped everyone in her lifetime. she is a blessed lady. she loves children and playing with them she used to play board games and mathematics. ce4 always eats healthy food in her lifetime she did an immense amount of exercise for being fit and fine. according to her family, Kane Tanaka is very sweet and kind to everyone.

Kane Tanaka Death Reason

She is a very joyful lady and makes us laugh with her talks. Robert young felt very heartbreaking after getting the news of Kane Tanaka of demise. Robert Young is the same person who you confirm  Kane Tanaka as the oldest person living female on earth in the year 2019. according to the grease World Records  Kane Tanaka is born on the 2nd of January in the year 1903. she is the seventh child of our parents and had 6 siblings in her family. she almost live 119 years. she is a few years close to the oldest living person ever.

Kane Tanaka – Funeral Updates & Obituary

The title of oldest living person ever belongs to Jeanne Louise calment, she is are French women who almost leaves 122 years. Kane Tanaka is very fond of sweets. on the day of Guinness World Records, Do facial give her a chocolate box and she quickly started eating all of that. her family also said that in the last days of her life she still like chocolate and Coca-Cola. she was also selected as torch bearer in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, but she did not participate because of the corona. she recently celebrated her birthday on 2nd January 2022.


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