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Who Was General Jose Silvestre Urzua & Death Reason? Mexican National Guard General Killed, Age, Funeral & More!

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Greetings everybody and a very shocking update are coming straight from Mexico where the head of the national guard in the state of Zacatecas was brutally murdered on Thursday it was a stand-off with armed men and the operation was going on against an organised crime organisation. We would like to extend our deepest apologies and thoughts to the family of General Jose Silvestre Urzua and may his soul rest in peace. He was fighting against four criminals all by himself and he displayed bravery and Honour. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

General Jose Silvestre Urzua Cause Of Death

General Jose Silvestre Urzua Cause Of Death

Four members of his team were seriously injured and they are currently in hospital. He is in the Mexico military police force and he was completing his duties by killing traitors and the force was able to finally capture them. This region has become one of the most violent and dangerous places in Mexico where criminal cancer fighting over drug traffic control and there have been more than 1000 murders in the past few years the federal police had to take serious action against these annoying groups.

General Jose Silvestre Urzua Killed

Citizens were highly concerned about their safety and the police have taken the pledge to completely eradicated this crime of warlords until 2028 when the national guard was given the responsibility. He had an immense amount of experience operating in these situations and he was very calm-headed. He had many years of experience in the military and he was badly hurt and taken to the public security Hospital by helicopter per test life could not be saved. Five criminals were killed during a tough fight and more are expected.

What Happened To General Jose Silvestre Urzua?

There is not an official source of information available about him up and he was leading the force like a true leader he was with his soldiers until his last breath and we should always be proud of am and thank him for the services provided to his mother Nation. The President of Mexico also acknowledged this sad moment and Express his grief on Twitter with an emotional message offer he was around 45 years old and had been doing intense training for many years ago and since he was a child.

He was interested in military forces and serving his country.was a complete Nationalist and wanted the best for his mission. We will be back with some more crucial updates from all around the world until then stay tuned to our website. The Mexican government is always criticized for ignoring drug trafficking in their Nation and it is for the very first time that a military police force was given full freedom of taking action against there is criminal crops it is going to be a very difficult and tough challenge for these authorities to completely remove them from the system up and once they do that it would be a remarkable situation.


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