Who Is Vivian Polania Photos & Video Viral On Reddit And Twitter!

There are some people who know that what they are doing is wrong but still keep on doing it. Despite knowing the consequences will not be good still they dare it and the reason is that they don’t care about it. One such stupid and unexpected thing happened with a judge whose unexpected behaviour brought her into the limelight and she got suspended due to her latest viral video in which she is doing something which is unacceptable. The video is trending on social media and creating a lot of controversies which affects the working life and the image of the judge badly. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Vivian Polania Viral Photos & Video

Vivian Polania Viral Photos & Video

Now people are showing their interest in this viral video and want to know about the judge and what she exactly does. A Colombian judge infamous for sharing risqué photos of herself on the web is now facing a 3-month suspension. The reason is that on Wednesday, 16th November 2022, Vivian Polanía who is a Colombian judge lay in bed and she is carrying a cigarette in her hand. Not only this she is also seen wearing only underwear which includes half n@ked in the video and on top of that she was coming up in a virtual court hearing.

Who Is Vivian Polania?

Ever since the video surfaced on the web people are only talking about the video and demanding to take strict action against her. Now the new reports are stating that she has been suspended for 3 months. In the viral video, she was in her bed despite knowing that she is in the virtual court hearing. The report states that on Tuesday, 22nd November 2022, The Judicial Disciplinary Commission in Norte de Santander ruled that Vivian (suspended judge) violated several administrative regulations.

Vivian Polania: Wikipedia & Bio

The 34-year-old suspended judge made national headlines last week after her video went viral and it is enough to create a lot of buzz and controversy. The virtual court hearing linked to the automobile bombing targeting an army brigade that happened in the city of Cucuta in the month of June 2021. As per the portal El Tiempo, Polania spent more than 57 minutes switching off the camera prior to the incident.

The prosecutors pointed out to the lady that they could watch her, at which point she disjointed, in the spite of the interference of the Public Ministry, and she again connected with the cameras switch off. It is not the first time that she has made this kind of controversy even before that she was probed for uploading racing and NSFW pictures of herself on social media platforms. To know more be connected with us.


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