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Who is Soumya Santosh Kerala Women? Check Wiki Bio Biography Net Worth Family Husband

Hello Readers we are returning back with another latest news, At the time of when the rocket strike among Israel & Palestine, a Kerala female Soumya Santosh has beheaded by the protesters of Palestine from Gaza. According to the authorisation insights, Soumya Santosh was a just 30 years of age female from the Idukki region, Kerala. She was operating as a custodian of a more aged female residence in Israel’s southern seaside town of Ashkelon. The region of Ashkelon that linked to the Gaza Strip has presently managed to constrain Palestinian protesters. Besides this, various tombs were listed at the time when the Gaza protesters & Israel armed crew clashed with shots.

Who is Soumya Santosh

Who is Soumya Santosh? Kerala Woman Died In Gaza

According to the insights, approximately thirty-one individuals have died throughout the shot destruction that was proceeding till 9 LM (as per by the regional time) on 11th May 2021 that is Tuesday when the various ammunition was released on Israel from 10th May 2021 that is Monday by Gaza. Israel moreover answered to the offence & moreover, released many shots at Hamas which arrives at the Coastal Strip. Besides this, various have died have furthermore listed at the point, & various individuals severely hurt throughout the charge.

According to the insights, the Kerala female, Soumya Santosh was existing in Israel for the past 7 years from her old community & relatives. She is tied the knot & have 9 years of age child was existing with her partner in Kerala. The one who was taking care of by Soumya remained in this straightforward shot that was transpired on the residence & following, hospitalized in the hurt situation, according to the regional news references.

At the moment when we discussed with the relatives of Soumya, they stated that they were discussing with her on a face to face call during the evening time when the event took place. Saji, Soumya’s sibling stated,” When we were at a face to face call, we listened to an immense noise of the bang & swiftly, the video call detach. At the moment when we discussed with the other Malayalees that was operating hereabouts, therefore, we received the report on the events”. Various individuals have passed away & many individuals have adhered in their residences and for more trending news stick with TheGossipsWorld.


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