Who Is Rabi Pirzada VIDEO Went Viral, Famous & Trending Clip Reason Explained!

Rabi Pirzada is again in the news after she made allegations against the acid attack victim in which her boyfriend was involved in. Rabi Pirzada was in a relationship with Arthur and when his case came up she allegedly supported her man instead of cross-checking things out. It is now coming out that Rabi Pirzada posted another post on her Instagram, Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Rabi Pirzada Video Viral

Rabi Pirzada Video Viral

And she clearly writes in her post that she is sincerely apologizing for the thing that went viral over the internet and apologizes to the victim of Arthur as well. Rabi Pirzada’s audio message that went viral all over the internet is now again in mentioning after the revelation. Let us learn more in detail about this thing. Rabi Pirzada is a businesswoman and also a TV star as well. Earlier in 2021, she got

Into a relationship with a man named Arthur who later got involved in an acid attack case where he was accused of harming a woman. When the case came up an audio message from Rabi Pirzada went online and it was viral all over the internet. It is now coming up that Arthur’s support was not taken by Rabi. Rabi Pirzada in her post claimed that she knows what went viral on the internet and was

Who Is Rabi Pirzada?

Aware of the fact that it was her voice note that was talked about online and also circulated widely as well. She now regrets the support that she showed in her voice for Arthur but she also says that she never meant to do so. Rabi Pirzada posted on her Instagram that she was forced to record the audio. She added that she had her life behind and her son as well which was threatened upon.

Rabi Pirzada’s post revealed that she was forced and even threatened to record the audio in which she spoke against the victim of Arthur and allegedly said that the girl was just a fat thigh woman. These allegations were imposed on the victim of Arthur by Rabi. Rabi Pirzada adds that she is aware and admits that the voice in the message was hers which is getting circulated all over the internet.

Rabi Pirzada Trending Clip Explained

She also apologized for the abhorrent actions of Arthur and also said that she feels the pain and the struggle that his victims have to go through. Rabi Pirzada continued in her post and added that Sophie, who was Arthur’s acid attack victim was an innocent girl, and also she believes that she wasn’t ugly or stupid by any means. Rabi Pirzada’s audio message which was posted online Had a line that claimed that Sophie was a stupid

And the ugly girl to which Rabi Pirzada wrote and said that she never supported her own words and that they were forced on her. Rabi Pirzada adds that the lines she said in the audio message were forced and in no way she supports the lines she said in that audio. Rabi Pirzada adds that Arthur’s victim, Sophie was beyond brave and also beautiful to come out and speak. Rabi Pirzada adds that the lines she said in the audio were forced on her

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And that she said it because she was forced to say so. Rabi furthermore adds that she will not explain much in this post as the legal proceedings do not allow her to do so. She also said that she was manipulated to record the audio and she also claimed that the audio was edited as well. Rabi Pirzada adds that whatever she said in the audio which went viral was forced and she did it because she wanted to protect her family and she was at serious harm and significant threats.


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