Who Is Gregory Damon Video Viral On Social Media, Why Was Tampa Officer Fired? Reason Explained!

A police officer from Tampa, Florida has been fired after an alleged video from his bodycam and from the CCTV footage of the police station was interrogated. It was mentioned by the police during the investigation that the officer was fired after the video in which the officer was seen dragging a woman from the police to the police station and the woman was handcuffed. While the woman was taken into arrest on the same day some conversations were also heard between the officer and the woman. Later, the officer who dragged the woman named Damon was fired. Stay tuned as we covered details about the incident and the officer as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Why Was Tampa Officer Gregory Damon Fired?

Gregory Damon Viral Video

A police officer from Tampa, Florida was fired after an alleged video of him dragging a woman handcuffed while the officer pulled her was presented in court. It was mentioned that the officer dragged the woman after the woman teased the officer and the officer held her with one hand and dragged her to the office. The officer who was fired is recognized as Gregory Damon and the incident that led to his firing from his position occurred on the 17th of November 2022. It was mentioned that an investigation that was held internally showcased that the officer dragged the woman into the parking area of the station.

Why Was Tampa Officer Gregory Damon Fired?

The woman who was dragged by Damon was arrested for trespassing in the city and a body cam conversation of the officer revealed a conversation between the two people. When the officer arrived at the station, he asked the woman to come out of the car which she refused. Later she also asked the officer to drag her and this was it that the officer pulled the woman out of the car. This occurred at the Orient Road jail. While Damon after pulling her down from the car asked her to walk but she refused. Damon dragged the woman along the parking area and then after reaching the office she asked other officers to assist him.

Who Is Gregory Damon?

As per the reports from the Tampa Police departments, the agency revised policies from 2013 mention that it is forbidden for the officers to drag the suspects onto the ground., While clearly Damon was seen dragging the woman on the ground while she was handcuffed. It was mentioned by the agency that the officer should have sought coworkers or other officers’ assistance in guiding the woman in the office while did he the opposite and dragged the woman. The police department was completely in shock and they were also disgusted when they saw the video and also saw that Damon was fired from his position.

Damon was in his position and was working in the Rampa Police Department since 2016, he has been known to many people in the departments and in the area as well by many people, and all of them were devastated to hear that the officer was fired. Police officers in no way are allowed to treat prisoners and especially women in such a way or drag them all the way into the office. This act was a violation to the police of the police and another officer mentioned that Damon was being rude and was also heard passing derogatory comments on the arrestee.


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