Who Is Gary Levin? Missing Florida Lyft Driver’s Car Found In North Carolina, Who Is The Suspect?

Gary Levin a resident of Florida was reported to be missing since last month’s end and this is now updated that the vehicle he was last seen was found. It was mentioned by the police that the truck in which Gary was driving was found in a remote area while the ruck was driven by a person who is now in custody. On the 3rd of Feb 2023, it was mentioned that the authorities arrested a wanted fugitive who was found in North Carolina. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Missing Florida Lyft Driver's Gary Levin Car Found In North Carolina

Who Is Gary Levin?

In this case, one thing that was found so far was that the victim, in this case, is missing for days now and there is no sign of him being found. Stay tuned as we discussed in detail about Gary’s case. Gary Levin was a Lyft driver from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, while his disappearance case occurred on the 30th of January 2023. It was mentioned by officers that Gary was last found near North Carolina while he was found driving his car, Kia Stinger. Later police also added that the suspect who was found in this case who was driving Gary’s car was Mathew Scott Flores.

Missing Florida Lyft Driver’s Gary Levin Car Found In North Carolina

Gary’s car was located in a remote area in Gainesville while this car was traced on the 1st of Feb 2023, Wednesday. Police mentioned that the suspect allegedly had a car crash with police over three counties after which he was found near a crash in North Carolina. The suspect, in this case, was Mathew Scott Flores, who has a criminal record and was also wanted by the police in the murder case of Jose Carlos Martinez. Along with Mathew, there was another person in the car as well, who was identified as Stephanie Velgara who was beside Mathew and in the car.

Who Are The Suspects?

Gary on the other hand is still missing and the suspects are currently under custody. While police are still investigating the case they yet have to find the relationship between Gary and Mathew and also where Gary is currently as well. Gary’s family is concerned about his well-being and his health now. A fugitive was arrested in this case in North Carolina on Friday while Gary is still missing. Details of Gary were released online leading to any kind of assistance being appreciated while his family is concerned about him on the counter sides.

Speaking about Matthew who was arrested by the police, he was wanted by the police since Jan 24th 2023 when police released his details about him being wanted after the shooting of Jose Carlos Martine. The details of the motive behind killing Jose are not known and how Gary’s car came into possession of Matthew remains unclear as well. Matthews’ involvement in two cases remains unclear. The police chief of Wauchaula said that the connection between the two leads.

In this case, will be soon confirmed while indications are clear so far. Gary’s daughter who is concerned about her father’s demise added that her dad was missing and that they moved to Florida while earlier they were in Philadelphia after Gary retired from his work. She posted on FB  about the case details so far and added that she finds her father safe and hopes that the suspects will lead the officers to her father hopefully.


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