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Who Is Bethany Hastings? A Brave Mother From California Fought With A Pitbull To Save Her Children, What Happened?

The bravery story of a mother is recently coming to light as fundraising is being initiated for the family. Bethany Hastings, a brave mother of two children, was admitted to the hospital with her children on the 26th of April. Bethany and her son were released from the hospital the same evening, but her daughter had severe injuries due to which she was hospitalized for four more days. Bethany has two children, Lainey her daughter who is 4 years old, and a son Wesley, who is 2 years old. She lives in Berkeley County, Southern California. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Bethany Hastings?

Who Is Bethany Hastings?

Unfortunately, they went through a horrific incident that led them to a state of terror for days. They went through an incident that nearly took their lives away. Bethany is a nurse by profession and had gone through major terror. It was on the 26th of April when Bethany saw that her elderly neighbor, who had dementia, was wandering on her lawn. She being concerned decided to get her back to the house. She had two children to look after, so she decided to take her children along with her. When she entered the property, the dog of the neighbor whose rope was loose, attacked them and bit harshly on Bethany and her children as well.

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Bethany said that they haven’t gone through such an incident in their lives ever, and they have never gone through such damage before. When she entered the house, the dog who was irritated by fire ants attacked her son and was viciously biting on him. Her daughter who was terrified by the dog shouted in fear and so the dog turned at her daughter when she was busy getting the dog off her son. Lainey in a statement said that the dog first attacked her brother, then her, and then finally her mother. When the dog was bitting her daughter, the mother bravely took the large pit bull away from her daughter. Then eventually the dog bit and scratched her as well. I had no choice said Bethany in a statement.

Bethany held the dog for 15 long minutes and she said that those 15 minutes were really terrific and spine chilling. After which she called 911 for help, while she held the dog with one hand. Her children were crying and screaming for help while she had the dog in her hand, but she had no clue but to hold on to the dog. And if she went for her kids, they might have been ripped off by the dog. While she held the dog the fire ants bit her whole body she said. In the meantime when rescuers were on their way, a neighbor came for help, as they heard screaming. The neighbor helped the children into their vehicle,

While the rescuers reached and helped the mother. Soon they were hospitalized and treated. While the son and mother recover, Lainey was still in hospital for four days as she had severe injuries and had stitches on her face. The incident remained horrific for the family and one of their relatives set a fundraiser on a website called Gofund me, that highlighted the story of the brave mother and raised funds for the family. The mother asked people who had pets, to carefully tie them up so that others don’t have to pay the penalty.


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