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Who Is Ali S From Bağcılar, Killed His Mother Hawa S, Beheaded Her Head & Threw It, Full Video & Pictures Viral!

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A shocking incident is coming ahead from Fevzi Cakmak District where a young man beheaded his mother and then threw her head from the balcony. The whole incident was terrific and threatening to witness while the police took the accused in custody and he will be inquired about as well. Police are still investigating the case but something’s have been revealed by the police. This incident occurred in wide daylight when it was also witnessed by many people as well where the accused threw his mother’s head. The investigation has not revealed the reason behind this gruesome act of the accused. Let us learn more about this incident. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Ali S From Bağcılar?

Who Is Ali S From Bağcılar?

Ali S was the person who killed his mother, beheaded her, and threw his mother’s head while showing it to the world. Ali allegedly was on drugs and he was high on dose when he did that gruesome. Not only did her kill her he stabbed her and ten beached her head. He threw her mother’s head and then he set the whole house on fire. Until the police arrived at the place where he did so, he locked himself up in the house of fire, and then the police along with the rescue team rescued Ali and took him into custody. It was reported to the police because not only did he show the head of his mother to the people there on the street but he threw it on a biker which stunned many as it was a whole head of a person.

Ali S From Bağcılar Killed His Mother Hawa S Incident

All of it occurred on the 25th of September around 4:30 pm that day and pictures of the person setting the house on fire and then moving inside were circulated all over the internet. The fire was extinguished and the accused was taken into custody at that time has had injuries so he is getting treated as of now. One of the neighbours said that they knew Ali was a substance addict and that they learned that he cut his mother’s head off. The witness also told that Ali allegedly showed the mother’s head to the people in the street and threw it down which hit a biker. He later entered the house and burned it down while the police rescued him.

Ali S: Wikipedia & bio

Ali is a drug addict and it is unknown if he was still under the influence of something at the time when he killed his mother and burned the whole house or not, as the investigations are still ongoing and Ali is still getting treated for his injuries. While it is speculated that a message of him was posted online by Ali himself where he said that his mother was not agreeing with him. HE posted on social media that he loved a girl and that his mother should understand that. But the fact was not announced by the police yet so at the moment nothing can be said.


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