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What Was Rahul Koli Death Reason? Chhello Show Actor Dead At 10, Family, Parents, Movies & Funeral!

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A piece of heart-wrenching news recently surfaced on the web which showcasing a child artist who lost his life. The kid was so young that this news distressed the world and his death news was really shocking to hear for everyone. The name of the deceased kid is Rahul Koli who was just 10 years old when he took his last breath. It is sad that this munchkin left the world so early without fulfilling his dreams. People who already following him already know the cause of his demise but those who don’t know want to know the reason for his death.

What Illness Does Rahul Koli Have?

Rahul Koli Cause Of Death

As per the latest report, the child artist passed away on Sunday, 2nd October 2022. Rahul Koli India’s official Oscar entry “Chhello Show” passed away after suffering from leukaemia. He took his last breath in Ahmedabad, Gujarat after suffering from long-time cancer. He was taking treatment for his cancer at the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute. On Monday, 10th October 2022, the family of Koli organised a prayer meeting for the last rites of their son. The event was held at the native Hapa village close to Jamnagar located in Gujarat.

What Illness Does Rahul Koli Have?

Ramu Koli the father of Rahul talked to the media outlet and stated, “My son was so happy and would usually tell us that our life and destiny would change after the release of the movie which will be on Friday, 14th October 2022. But sadly my son left the world prior to the release of the film”. The father of Koli informed that the family came to know about the illness of the child after filming for the movie titled “Chhello Show” completed. He started having symptoms of what looked to be a fever, but the disease carry on in spite of medication.

Rahul Koli: Wikipedia & bio

On Sunday, 2nd October 2022, Rahul Koli had his breakfast and later on, he got a fever and 3 times vomited blood. The devastated father stated that while the family was shattered by their loss and still in trauma. They earlier decided to watch his movie together when it will launch on 14th October 2022. This news is really sad to hear that the kid was the elder son of their parents and he was featured in the film. His family stated that they are poor and were not able to afford his treatment. They even sold their rickshaw for his treatment. This news is really sad may God give rest to his soul. Though is no more between us but his film will always be with us.


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